Sunday, September 30, 2012

and just like that, it was Autumn

So here we are, Autumn already. I have been missing from my little online space for too long, and I have really missed it.

We had a few days away in Lincolnshire in September which was lovely and so relaxing. The main reason behind our trip was the Prof's Christmas present from last year - I had to book a whole year in advance as it is so popular. His present from me was a VIP day at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, which is an old wartime airfield, now the largest Bomber Command Museum in the UK. The main part of the VIP day is experiencing a tail down taxy ride in a real Lancaster Bomber, of which there are only three in the world which can still move under their own power. The Prof's Dad was a flight engineer in Bomber Command in the second World War, so it was a really interesting and special experience for him. A long time to wait for his Christmas present, but I think he would say it was worth the wait. 

We chose to stay in a cottage this time rather than a bed and breakfast as we sometimes do, and we much preferred it. We got up in our own time each morning and ate breakfast outside, looking out over the fields and watching the red admiral butterflies on the buddleia. A couple of times we even saw a stoat, which was a first for me. We went out each day to visit various places, and then returned to the cottage in the evenings to prepare and eat a simple meal. We spent the evenings relaxing. I would read or knit and the Prof worked on his dissertation. The cottage was just lovely, we could quite happily have moved in.

This shrub in the garden had the most beautiful bright red berries. We asked the owner and he said it is a 'Gerda Rose' (I am not sure about the spelling) and native to Lincolnshire. Despite much googling, I can't find any reference to it anywhere, which is disappointing as we would like one for our little garden. 

My kind of breakfast: in the morning sunshine with tea, buttered crumpets and the Telegraph crossword. 
It was my first visit to Lincolnshire and I think we will definitely be returning in the future. A large part of the reason for that would be the cottage, I think I would happily stay there for a few days and not even go out! It was so nice, and in such lovely surroundings. I would so love to live somewhere like that, wouldn't it be wonderful?