the fifty(ish) list

To mark my fiftieth birthday in January 2018, I decided to make a list of fifty things to do. There's no time limit, no stress,  just doing things I'd like to do and having fun doing it. As of January 2020, I'm still working through the list, and occasionally removing things I don't feel like doing anymore and adding new ones! No rules. 
  1. Perfect my paper crane making 
  2. Dye my hair a funky colour done
  3. See the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A Booked tickets then realised it clashed with something else, so I had to give it a miss. 
  4. Make a loaf of bread
  5. Learn to play ukulele  I have a ukulele and I'm learning!
  6. Knit a pair of socks
  7. Take part in a drumming workshop
  8. Paddle in the sea
  9. Do a course at Denman college  
  10. Learn Reiki
  11. Take a pottery course 
  12.  Go on the pier train at Southend  
  13. See the Bayeaux Tapestry
  14. See the Puppini Sisters
  15. Visit Northumberland 
  16. Make a corn dolly
  17. Plant a tree
  18. Grow grapes in my garden
  19. Collect sea glass
  20. See the King and I 
  21. Have cocktails at the Boathouse
  22. Volunteer 
  23. Make a terrarium
  24. Learn how to do winged eyeliner
  25. Get varifocal glasses 
  26. Get varifocal contact lenses 
  27. Organise all my photos, old and digital 
  28. Get my home videos put onto DVD
  29. Do an NLP course  
  30. Make a cake
  31. Go foraging 
  32. Make sloe gin
  33. Go to a Christmas market 
  34. See the Nutcracker ballet
  35. Go to Kew Gardens
  36. Have a pedicure 
  37. Do a 30 day photo challenge
  38. Take a photo every hour for a day 
  39. Try 20 new vegetarian/vegan recipes
  40. Go to a music hall
  41. Make something with a sewing machine 
  42. See Peter Pan on stage
  43. Celebrate the winter solstice 
  44. Try topiary
  45. Have a Colour Me Beautiful Consultation  
  46. Have a holiday abroad 
  47. Have a garden party
  48. Visit my Infant School teacher 
  49. Crochet something other than a granny square 

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