Wednesday, September 19, 2018


While I'm waiting for the kettle to boil for my coffee in the mornings, I often look out at the bird table to see if we've any little visitors. Today I saw an almost empty bird table, despite the huge amount of seed/mealworms/suet I put out last night. We have to do something to stop the pigeons hogging everything before the little birds get a look in! Modifications to the bird table coming up, I think. 

One visitor I do enjoy welcoming to the garden is this little chap. We put nuts out for him, but when they are gone he pinches them from the bird feeder and is gradually ruining it, it will fall to pieces soon. I'm thinking of getting a squirrel-proof feeder for the birds' nuts and a squirrel feeder for Cyril.  

You may notice the coconut shell filled with suet is tied on with an elastic band. I have to do this and twist it around the hooks to secure it or the whole shell gets taken. I'm not sure who the thief is! 

Monday, September 03, 2018

Parade of Adventures for September

Autumn is here! Well, officially I think autumn starts on 23rd September, but we're definitely heading that way. 

Here's a quick round up of how I did with August's Parade of Adventures. 

Organise the kitchen. I threw out some out of date things, filled up a couple of bags for the food bank, and rearranged things. I now know what's we've got and where it is.

Make curry buns. Not yet...

Finish my book club book. I finished it when I was halfway through, does that count? Now passed on to my friend.  

Work on a Christmas project. I did, but I now think I might keep it. 

Declutter 30 things. 18 things decluttered. 
I'm so glad it's September! I'm looking forward to all things autumnal, except Halloween.

September's Parade of Adventures, in lovely autumnal colours.

Walk through fallen leaves. Unless they don't fall until October, I'm not sure about these things!

Collect conkers. Apparently they deter spiders. 

Have a great day out in Ely for my Dad's birthday.

Take more photographs. Might even bust out the nice camera. Since I first got my iphone I am lazy and just use that mostly, as it takes a pretty good picture, but I would like to use my good camera more.

Declutter 50 things. Forever a work in progress.