Thursday, April 14, 2011


Outside my window it's a grey and chilly London day.

I am thinking how tired I feel, and my head aches.

I am thankful that taking a risk and ordering our wedding rings online worked out. We love them.

From the kitchen So far today (4pm), a bowl of cereal, a packet of bacon crisps, a coffee and a Coke. I know.

I am wearing grey yoga pants, my favourite old purple sparkly jumper and pink socks. It's a comfy day.

I am creating a wedding. Still. 9 days to go!

I am going to get the washing off the line before it rains, tumble dry the other load of washing that didn't get as far as being hung on the line because I forgot it, and check on the slow cooker. We have beef stroganoff tonight.

I am reading One Moment, One Morning, by Sarah Rayner. It's an easy comfortable read, and that's the mood I am in lately. There is so much noise in my head, I just need something to relax with.

I am hoping that the Prof and I will manage to get the programme for our wedding finished tonight. We've been up until the early hours the last two nights working on it and we are both exhausted, especially him as he is out at work all day too.

I am hearing birdies tweeting outside, and the Young Philosopher and his girlfriend laughing in his room.

Around the house a big pile of ironing that I am too tired to do, a backlog of taped TV programmes I need to watch.

One of my favourite things wine gums. They are a family favourite at the moment. I like the ordinary ones, the Prof and the YP prefer the sour ones. The sour ones make my face go funny.

A few plans for the rest of the week out for lunch for my Auntie's birthday with my Mum and the YP, shopping for a picture frame and some new jeans, wedding rehearsal.


  1. Sounds hectic over your way! Your rings look beautiful, I'm glad it worked out. Hope the sun came out for you today, and you are going to get some rest over the weekend. Not long til holiday now...
    Sara x

  2. Hi Sara

    Yes, it is hectic, and I am soo tired. Only a few things left to do now, and the Prof is off work next week so we can work our way through them together.Looking forward to the wedding but really can't wait for that holiday!

  3. they are beautiful debbie.

    whoo hoo, the real countdown now!!!

    sounds like things are going well, a little bit of peace in all the hustle and bustle!!

    i love how you are doing all these things together.

    best wishes!


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