Thursday, July 24, 2014


I'm actually quite impressed with myself how long I have kept reading this book. I often give up after just a couple of chapters if the story isn't grabbing me - this one is just interesting enough to keep me reading, but not enough to make me desperate to find out what happens next. Consequently I've been reading it for about four weeks! A record for me. I have a huge pile of library books here I need to be getting on with, so I'm planning to sit in the garden this afternoon and get it finished. 

I'm knitting a dishcloth. I need some new ones, and the orange cardigan is taking so long it makes me not want to pick it up. So now it's taking even longer. I was rushing to get it done as soon as possible as I wanted to wear it this summer with my orange sandals that match perfectly, but we are now having a heatwave and there is no way on earth I'm going to want a cardigan, even in the evenings at the moment. So, a break for a dishcloth or two and then I'll resume. I also have another quirky little project on the go, just for fun. I'll share that one soon. 

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

slow progress

Not much has changed since last week. I'm still knitting the orange cardigan, it's taking much longer than I would like and I'm finding it boring, which means I am knitting less and so progress is even slower! I need to just get stuck in and finish it, I think. 

Last night I knitted a couple of rows on  this premature baby blanket that I am knitting for Project Linus UK. I also knitted the flower - we decided at WI that the Committee should have some identifying feature at meetings, and settled on a yellow flower. They will be different, as we're making our own and customising them to our own taste. I used a button that belonged to my Auntie Doris for the centre of mine. I inherited her button tin and I love to use her buttons on my craft projects when I can. I might bling the petals up a bit, what do you think? 

I've been a slow reader this week too, I'm further into The Secret Keeper, but it's one of those books that goes back and forth in time and has more than one narrator and I am getting a bit confused. I am enjoying it though, when I can get the plot straight in my head and remember who is who.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Happy List

smoked salmon and salad for lunch

decluttering a small area each day - an online challenge I'm taking part in and finding very cathartic

the prospect of one day finishing the orange cardigan that seems to be taking forever (see what I did there?)

feeling less stiff and achey since starting the new diet healthy eating plan

losing 6lbs

waking up early in the mornings - not sure why (the change of eating habits?). I always struggle with mornings, but lately I'm bright and breezy (fairly) early 

reading a good book 

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

my first garment

This is my first attempt at making a garment for myself, not counting the Purple Ponch (almost finished), as  that doesn't have to fit, and it is basically like a blanket. This cardigan, like the poncho, is a pattern currently doing the rounds at the WI I attend. I was rather brave and chose orange. Normally I'd go for black, or brown, something neutral, but I have sandals in just the same shade and thought I would go for it! It's knitted in King Cole Opium, a bulky thick and thin yarn which is a bit strange to knit with but not difficult, and is a long cardigan with elbow length sleeves and  kind of floppy lapels. It's mostly stocking stitch. I can't seem to find a link to the pattern. My aim is to finish it by the end of July, so that I can wear it for a while with those sandals before the autumn sets in. Then I have to finish the Ponch (started in early 2013!) to wear in the colder months. 

Earlier this year I read Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, and for anyone who read that and liked it, I would recommend Ken Grimshaw's Replay, which I recently read and enjoyed. 

I have been lent The Secret Keeper by a friend and am only a few pages in, so I don't have an opinion as yet. 

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