Friday, June 03, 2011

Dreams v Goals

Over at Notes Across the Sea, Jen and I have been talking about our dreams. We both have a list of dreams that we wrote as part of  Mondo Beyondo, an online course that we took last year. You had to write down your wildest (in my case, not so wild) dreams, and after not looking at my list for many months, I have been surprised and pleased to see that some of the things on my list have started to happen, seemingly by themselves, certainly without conscious effort from me. I had forgotten what I had even written, all those months ago.

Thinking about my list of dreams today, I got to thinking about the difference between dreams and goals. Is there a difference? Although there is some overlap, I think, for me, goals are most often things like saving money, doing up the house, and 'down to earth' or practical things, whereas I think of dreams as more abstract and 'airy-fairy' - to do with travel, writing, creativity. When I look though, at my 'dream list' I see that many of the things I see as far off dreams can be broken down into small steps that I could take now. Whilst I have been thrilled to see some of the things I dreamed about starting to come to fruition, albeit slowly, I can surely make things happen faster with a bit of focussed action.

More on this after the weekend.


  1. Hi Debbie, thank you for saying that you would buy a print, that really made me day. Someday I will get my stuff together and make some prints.

    I took Mondo Beyondo too. I have a hard time dreaming, almost all of my items were things that I should do. I think I want to take the class again and try to dream a little bigger.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Nelly, good to see you here!

    I think I would get even more from the class next time around, too.

    I meant what I said about that painting! It's lovely.


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