Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November Parade of Adventures

image: dereksky

I wrote an Autumn Parade of Adventures back in September, and looking back now I see that many of them haven't been done yet, so here is my November list, containing some of those and some others. I will post again in a month with my list for December, which hopefully won't be exactly the same. I am so much better at setting goals than accomplishing them! Here is my recap of the Autumn list and my new list for November.

Autumn recap

I started knitting the scarf, it's about a third done. I haven't bought my winter coat yet, I should do that soon, before they have all gone and the shops are full of bikinis. I have made a start on getting the house ready for Christmas, but not a very big one, to be honest. Plenty of time! (manic grin). The garden is mostly tidied for the winter, but we haven't decluttered the shed. I still have bulbs and sweet peas to plant, baked apples and cinnamon toast to eat, and I never did buy myself those flowers. 

November Parade of Adventures

Finish knitting that scarf
Go to a firework display on Guy Fawkes Night
Buy sparklers
Go out for lunch with the Young Philosopher
Buy a winter coat and new jeans
Tidy and clean the house ready for the Christmas decorations in December
Make a lovely warming vegetable soup
Eat breakfast every day
Get to bed before midnight 
Assemble the mini greenhouse we bought 
Plant bulbs and sweet peas
Buy myself flowers, or accept them gratefully when the Prof buys them. He reads this blog. 

This month I will also be joining in with Louisa of The Really Good Life's Declutter November Challenge. I will be getting rid of something that I don't love/need/want every day during November. I might even post photographs of some of them. Yesterday it was a half-dead basil plant from the kitchen windowsill, I put the few reasonable looking leaves in the Prof's lunchbox salad, and the rest of the plant in the bin. I will spare you a photo of that, as I didn't think to take one at the time, and I am not digging through the bin, even for you. 


  1. Yes, the Prof does read this blog. :)

  2. Ah yes, but is he he taking notes? ;)

  3. That's awesome - I hope your ploy for more flowers works :)


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