Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Truth

The tumble drier has broken, the expensive bird table I bought doesn't fit together properly, a combination of high winds and the weight of next door's huge ginger tom cat destroyed my new mini greenhouse so bang go my vegetable growing plans, our gas fire isn't safe to use any more, the central heating packed up, the car has acquired yet another dent, another puncture and a broken headlight, my left knee is playing up, I am having pains in my right leg and hip that require constant ibuprofen (not that they are getting it, as the tablets upset my stomach), the skin on my face has decided dry and flaky is its permanent new look. I have white roots so bad I resemble a skunk, and we had no internet for almost a month.

I don't know where the first three months of this year have gone. I spent January and February feeling fed up and generally blah for no apparent reason, then in March the Gods decided to give me something to really be pissed off about (see above: that all happened this month!) Lately it's been easy to get so caught up in just coping with day to day events and catastrophes that I am starting to feel like my life is kind of whizzing by unnoticed. I have been thinking about why 
I started this blog. I wanted somewhere to write about the places we visit, the things I do, the random thoughts that are on my mind from day to day. I am far too lazy to be bothered keeping a regular diary or making a scrapbook, so a blog seemed ideal, but this year I haven't written much at all. Not much blogworthy stuff was happening, I thought. Not a lot of sunshine and flowers. 

There will never be some wonderful day when all the chores are done, everything is fixed and working perfectly at once, the house is nicely decorated and tidy and the sun is shining. But for now, the central heating and the internet are fixed. The car soon will be, the tumble drier and the gas fire, eventually. I will colour my hair this week and feel better. The bird table will remain wonky, the birds won't care. My little yard won't have those vegetables this year, but for now I have hyacinths and daffodils. 

These are the days of my life.


  1. i love this post, have missed your words. i'm sorry it's been such a terrible time (boo boo boo) but i was excited to see your flowers (hooray for that) and you are right it won't all be perfect at once, a little less all at once might be nicer though huh?

    glad to see you back regardless of how much or how little you feel like writing.

  2. It's so nice to have you back! Your pots look lovely and I hope you've had some of the gorgeous (but freakishly) warm weather rather than just the fog?!?!! Take care

  3. Sorry you've had such a hard time of it lately - I hope your luck turns a corner soon.

  4. your domestic tragedies made my morning! i love the last paragraph...i can so relate! glad some predictability has returned to your little corner of the Chaos...

  5. Hi Debbie, I felt compelled to comment on your post. I feel for you, I really do and it's good you have focused on some positive things. The weather is so fine right now you can wind dry your clothes with ease. You can start your vegetable seedlings on the window sill until you plant them in the garden. Luckily you don't need the gas fire and central heating right now. If its any consolation I have bad knees, hips and stomach too. I also have dry skin on my face. Try E45 cream or an aqueous cream. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and flowers. Your garden looks glorious !

  6. I too have missed reading your thoughts, here's hoping for more sunshine and flowers for you.


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