Thursday, September 05, 2013

right now

Everywhere online it seems people are talking about autumn, I can tell you it does NOT feel like autumn to me. The weather is still hot, hot, hot and I am feeling it. I am spending my days mostly hiding in the house, except at weekends when the Prof and his air conditioned car are at my disposal! 

I have a few current knitting projects. I'm currently making some baby wash cloths for two friends who are expecting in October. I thought it would be cute to package them up with some nice organic baby soap. I am so over knitting these things! (I am on the fourth). The yarn is so splitty it is taking twice as long to knit with as it should. I also have still not finished the dreaded poncho. I have to finish sewing it up, then add a border and fringing. When I have finished the wash cloths, the poncho is next, it's been hanging around too long and I am determined to be wearing it this autumn. I've put the other things aside the last day or two to work on a jar cover for Curly Girl, she requested blue with clouds, so I've knitted it, attached clouds from white sparkly felt with wundaweb and now I want to sew around the edges of them, I think I have some blue embroidery thread that will suit. Oh and while we were in Canterbury I made a little mini version of my Dad for his retirement! I used this pattern and customised it. Here he is, in his work uniform, and complete with little glasses that the Prof fashioned from some wire. 

I have other projects in mind - a Christmas present or two, another wurm hat for me and maybe some more head wraps (I've officially coloured my hair for the last time so there will be much covering up of the badger stripe to be done soon!) 

In other news, the Prof has a new job! He has to give two months notice, so won't be starting until the end of October. It might be a longer journey, we're not sure yet, but it's a higher salary so we are very pleased about that. 

Another thing I am thrilled about is that the Young Philosopher is starting college next week! It certainly is all change around here. Since he came home from university two years ago after deciding it wasn't for him, he has been working part time in a local cinema, but he has decided to go to college and study for a Level Three Extended Diploma in Music Technology. I am really proud of him.

As for me, I am on a mission to find some vegetarian recipes I like. When I was vegetarian for several years a long time ago, I still used to eat fish which I am not going to this time and I think I used to eat quite a lot of Quorn and fake-meat type things, and I mostly don't like those these days, with one or two exceptions. I've been almost-vegetarian for a few months now and I want to stop eating meat and fish altogether but I am lacking in inspiration. What I'd particularly like are dishes I can make for all of us, and just cook a chop or something for the menfolk. It's further complicated by the Prof not eating carbs at the moment, so any carb for me and the Young Philosopher needs to be cooked separately. I don't want to be preparing two totally different meals every night. At the moment I seem to be cooking for them and grabbing whatever for myself. One night this week I just ate a bowl of mashed potato and another a Pot Noodle. This is Not Good. All ideas gratefully received! 


  1. I too am scouring for recipes to make since we are vegan/vegetarian these days. I've been doing searches on the internet and writing down whatever strikes my fancy :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that little miniature of your dad is so adorable! And I would love the see the jar top when you are finished--it sounds so lovely! Oh gosh, that is a hard one with the cooking! I know a lot of vegetarian recipes, but can't think of any that would be card-free friendly at the same time. Will keep thinking!


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