Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

.....and Happy Birthday to me!

I hope you all had a good Christmas, ours was lovely. We had dinner at home just the three of us, then visited my parents for a family get together in the evening. We've had a pretty lazy week, including a couple of pyjama days, which I love. It's been really nice to have the Prof home from work over the holidays and I'm sad to say he goes back to work tomorrow. All over again for another year. 

I'm pleased to say I managed to finish my Christmas hat in time for Christmas Day. Here I am in a very silly pic with my lovely boy. 

Now that Christmas is past, I can reveal what I've been knitting. I forgot to take photos so I need to do that still and write up my Ravelry notes, but I can tell you that I made the Purl Ridge cowl for the Young Philosopher,  a hot water bottle cover for my Mum, a scarf for my Dad and a scarf for the Prof only he got left until last, poor thing, and I'm still working on it! Fortunately I had bought him several other presents to open, so he wasn't too hard done by. 

I've just finished reading Knitting for Good by Betsy Greer, as I did some charity knitting in 2013 and would like to do more this year. I've been looking into some projects I'd like to get involved in. 

I am quite excited about the prospect of a  brand new year, and in the next day or two I'll be working through some goals and plans for the months ahead, and deciding on my word for 2014. This is my third or fourth year of choosing one word as my focus for the year. Some years I've been more successful with it than others, I'm drawing a veil over last year's word as I can't even remember it.  

I will leave you with this photograph. One gift that was under my parents' tree this Christmas inspired much intrigue in the days before Christmas as it was rather large and addressed to me, the Prof, my brother and the Young Philosopher.......

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along


  1. Happy new year and happy birthday!!! Loved seeing you with your family. May you have a happy healthy new year filled with goodness!

  2. Funny sweaters! I think it's hilarious the two younger men were given matching ones.

  3. Hi Debbie, I like your blog you do nice things.
    Happy new year and happy birthday.
    That's funny sweaters and christmas hat!

  4. Happy New Year! Love the Christmas jumpers must get round to getting one next year they are all the rage ;-)


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