Thursday, February 06, 2014

winter nights

the hot water bottle cover in progress, the Prof's new scarf and my gorgeous new knitting bag

On these chilly winter evenings I am often to be found snuggled under a favourite old blanket on the sofa, a hot water bottle tucked in with me, as I knit and watch something delightful on the television (current favourites are Call the Midwife, Mr Selfridge, and less cosy and old fashioned but equally fabulous, the Bridge).  It dawned on me recently that  wrapping the hot water bottle in a towel to avoid it burning me is not good enough when I can knit myself a lovely cover, and after all, didn't I make a lovely hot water bottle cover for my Mum for Christmas (not blogged as yet because I was keeping it a secret), so why not make one for myself? I'm knitting Jessie, minus the heart - I couldn't get the hang of the intarsia method for the heart pattern, so I'm making it plain. I think I might sew a felt heart on with blanket stitch in a contrasting colour. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, it's reasonably priced and quite soft and I recently used it to make the hot water bottle cover for my Mum and scarves for my Dad and the Prof.  I originally bought this yarn to make a surprise scarf for Christmas for the Prof. It's rather brighter than it looks in the photograph, more like kingfisher blue, which I think is lovely, but the very next day after I bought it he pointed out the 'horrible colour' of a neighbour's new car. You guessed it. So more yarn in a muted shade was purchased for the Prof's scarf, and I get to make myself something with the reject. 

Until I abandoned it this morning, I was reading Oh My Stars, by Lorna Landvik. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning, but as it's gone on I'm struggling to stay interested and I don't have much perseverance when it comes to not enjoying what I'm reading. I can always tell if a book's not really for me when it takes me weeks to read it. If I'm loving a book I'm through it in a day or two!  I've put Oh My Stars down  now in favour of This Beautiful Life, by Helen Schulman. I'm keeping a record of books I read this year (link at the top of the page), and haven't read much this year at all, so far, if you don't count blog reading and WI Life and Country Living magazines. I have four books to get through for book club so I'd better get a move on!

What are you knitting and reading? 

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  1. oh my stars had a sluggish middle but it picked up again. It was okay. I LOVE call the midwife, selfridge and we watched most of doc martin, waiting for the current season to be on netflix when they start filming next season in the's a long delicious wait. I think selfridge is coming in a month or two on our pbs. Oh and Sherlock has been started as well :)

    Great idea to knit a cover so you keep warm and unburned :)

  2. A friend told me years ago that there are waaaay too many books you will love, to read stuff you don't like. Unless its for school credit, here's permission to let it go!!! I have seen rave reviews for books that I took back to the library unfinished. There are always more waiting for you!
    Your water bottle cover is a great idea. In my home, I only have a heating pad, but we always had a bottle at home. Why don't I have a bottle?? I wouldn't have to have a cord if I did?? Maybe a great idea for everyone for Christmas next year. I'll package them as bed warmers!!
    Keep going on yours and enjoy a GOOD BOOK! I started writing mine down the side of my blog a couple of years ago and sometimes that is good to look at.


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