Saturday, June 07, 2014

In Remembrance

Philip and I are so very sad to hear of the passing of our friend Matt, otherwise known as Leofwin. We spent many an evening together over a pint and several fun days in Saxon mode at West Stow Anglo Saxon village and Sutton Hoo. He was a very genuine person, kind, generous and good company. Whenever we met, he unfailingly told me how lovely I looked, which was very kind of him and I am sure not always true. He taught French, and used his gift for languages to learn Old English, writing and illustrating his book 'Learn Old English with Leofwin'. He did a beautiful reading in Old English for us at our wedding, and as a gift he wrote it out in his lovely scribe's hand, illustrated it with a drawing of us, and framed it. It hangs on our living room wall. Just recently he emailed me to ask if he could include a drawing of us in his new book, and of course I said yes. I also said we would have to get together soon for a drink. I wish we had.

Goodbye Matt, and rest in peace. We'll miss you. 

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