Sunday, August 03, 2014

That was the weekend

:: It was cooler this weekend than it has been for a while. Still too hot for me, but I'm grateful for small mercies. 

:: At our Slimming World class on Saturday the consultants cooked a healthy breakfast for around fifty of us. The food was really nice and it was a fun morning, with lots of laughs. We're doing well with the weight loss - Philip's lost 9lb and I've lost 11.5. Clothes are starting to be loose and Philip's had to take off his wedding ring for fear of losing it. He'll have it re sized once he achieves a level of svelteness that he's happy with!

:: On Saturday my Coke persona was 'Gorgeous', which Philip chose for me.(He got stuck with 'Angela').  

:: On both weekend afternoons we went driving around the countryside. We went to Kent on Saturday, and Sunday we drove down to Leigh-on-Sea, our maybe-one-day home town. 

:: I'm still on my self-imposed break from the Boring Orange Cardigan, and enjoying knitting some simple dishcloths. 

Sharing my weekend with Karen and others


  1. sometimes 'boring' is just the right thing to be knitting!!!! I'm quite jealous of your weight loss....the scale lately has been going in the opposite direction for me. oops. I hate to think I've started my 'winterizing'.....the temps are still in the 90s here, and making me miserable!

  2. wow! congrats on the healthy living! Do you feel better with the loss? I have found that my RA feels a bit better now that I lost 10 lb. However with the kids home I've plateaued but I'm okay a few more weeks and I'll be focusing on more healthy living.


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