Thursday, February 24, 2011

Invitations are go!

At last! After two abortive attempts to get the invitations that the Prof designed printed at our local branch of Staples, which despite being a printers hasn't had a working printer for over a week, we gave up and the Prof went to a different branch where it was all done quickly and with minimum fuss. We know where to go next time we want wedding invitations printed.....

Plans in general are coming along well. I have a dress, though as yet it's too big. (Pass the chips). I don't have shoes yet as I can't seem to get along with the American website's online shopping cart. I may have to phone them. Still, at least I have a dress. The Young Philosopher doesn't have anything to wear yet, and nor does my Dad. Mum and Dad went to Bluewater the other day to find Dad something to wear for the wedding: when I asked Mum what they bought she said a copy of the TV Times and a banana. I am not quite sure how he is going to make an outfit out of those, but it could be interesting.

I am glad that Mum has made my head dress and bouquet, bearing in mind the
pineapple dream, so at least now I don't have to resort to carrying a pineapple. Not to mention it might knock one of my friends out if I tossed it.

I had another dream in which hardly anyone turned up because we had forgotten to send the invitations. The Prof is in charge of posting them today, I do hope he remembers.
attempts to get the invitations that Philip designed printed at our local branch of Staples, which despite being a printers hasn't


  1. Those are fabulous invites.

    I don't know your blog well enough yet - are you history buffs or re-enacters or something? Or just want to make the day fun?

  2. We're kind of lazy reenactors, a couple of shows a year. The Prof was very involved in it for some years, but these days his interest is more academic, and he's now doing his MA in medieval history. We thought it would be fun to have an English-themed wedding. We have red and white bunting, little England flags to wave... should be a laugh :-)


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