Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My weekend in pictures

The Prof's outfit is nearly finished. He will be having a new cloak, and a friend is making a tablet weave trim for his tunic, but the basics are done, courtesy of Mum. She also made a great job of my floral crown. it was much easier than we thought - cost a tenner and took an hour to make.

The Young Philosopher is home for a few days. I have really missed him. Sometimes I almost wish I had persuaded him to go to a London university so I could keep him at home. On Saturday evening we took him to see our Auntie.

The best thing for a Sunday morning: book shopping, coffee and some chocolate shortbread in Costa, and the Telegraph crossword.


  1. What a wonderful wedding you are going to have. I love the Prof's outfit and your crown. I am particularly jealous of the chocolate shortbread. I have never had it, but it looks so yummy!

  2. Aren't you and your Mum planning a visit to the UK, I seem to recall? We will have to meet up in London and I'll treat you to some :-)

  3. I love your crown!


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