Thursday, September 08, 2011

An Invitation

I am posting these photographs in response to an invitation from Joanna at the Art of Everyday Wonder. Joanna  is inviting others to join in by posting photographs on a theme on their blogs, flickr or facebook. What a lovely idea and a good reason to pay attention to the world. The first theme, aptly, is Invitation. These are photographs I took last week on a boat trip in Canterbury.

Invitation to follow the river
Invitation to open the gate and climb the steps

Invitation to stay right there and enjoy the view and the reflections

Two invitations: climb the ladder, or sail away?


  1. And it's right in the middle of the city! :)

  2. Oh what beautiful invitations! Thanks for joining in Debbie. I'm particularly drawn to the images with steps in them... they seem to lead the eye into what's new and unknown. Mind you, I'm also tempted just to jump into the boat in the last shot and sail away!

  3. very, very inviting.

    i would say climb the ladder :-)

  4. I spent a while trying to figure out where Canterbury was - New Zealand or the UK! :D


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