Monday, July 09, 2012


Last Friday afternoon. The wet weather turned miraculously sunny as we drove towards our destination, and was glorious by the time we arrived. 

The bank at the edge of the car park was full of pink flowers. I see these wild flowers every summer since I first noticed them growing out of a high wall at Aylesford Priory. They grow everywhere, I even noticed them in a garden further along our street.  I wish they would grow in my garden! I meant to take a small cutting when we went back to the car, and bring it home but I forgot.  

We visited a small art gallery, which was interesting,  and there were lovely views though we didn't venture out onto the balcony for a better look, as it propped up with pieces of wood! We sat on a bench looking out over the estuary and ate the lunch I had packed - coronation chicken sandwiches, strawberries and a lovely cup of tea, and then we followed that up with an ice cream on the seafront. 

We drove along the front before going home, it's lovely looking out across the water, and one of our favourite places, despite being pretty/tacky/shabby by turns. 

It was a lovely afternoon, especially with the unexpected  sunshine. Just having the Prof off from work that extra half a day or so made the weekend seem so much longer. 


  1. I love these photos, especially the last two. It sounds like one of those great little escapes that can let you feel really free. Yum x

  2. This looks wonderful - looks like such a great escape

  3. I recognise that Kursaal building. Did you treat yourselves to a Rossi ice cream whilst you were in Southend?


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