Tuesday, July 03, 2012

No ants or demons allowed

Photo a day July Day Three: best part of the day

There are various parts of the day that I enjoy. Waking up in the morning after the Prof has gone to work and being able to snuggle back down for a while in our big bed. My first coffee of the day as I check my email. The Prof coming home in the evening. Chatting with the Young Philosopher. 

Today, my favourite part was coming home just now, after meeting the Prof from work and going to see Men in Black 3. I thoroughly enjoyed it, is there anything better than a really good laugh? We picked up a coffee from McDonalds on the way back, and I am looking forward to an hour knitting and watching tv before going to bed early. I am tired today, probably a delayed reaction from a very busy weekend. I am still feeling good though, not ill. Sometimes I have to remind myself that everyone gets tired if they have overdone it a bit, and it doesn't necessarily mean an imminent crash. 

The plant pot you can see is part of my patriotic Jubilee/Olympics planting scheme. I have this pot and two baskets on the front fence filled with red, white and blue flowers. The white powder on the step is to deter ants, though I overheard the Young Philosopher telling his friend it was salt to protect against demons. 

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  1. MIB3 was so much fun!! I'd never seen the other 2 but still enjoyed it.


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