Tuesday, August 07, 2012

new habits

Since the Prof and I have been trying to eat more healthily, one of the biggest changes for me has been eating breakfast every day. Every morning I sit down to a bowl of All Bran with whatever berries we have, usually blueberries and strawberries, sometimes some chopped apple too. Eating in the mornings is definitely helping with my energy levels, and stops me from feeling light-headed and peculiar by lunchtime, which, to be honest, was what used to prompt me to eat something most days. Ten weeks on, I can say I actually really enjoy my breakfast which as someone who has never really been able to face food first thing in the morning, is a result. 

In other news, as of this week, my healthier eating has resulted in a ten pound weight loss, about which I am very pleased. 

Joining the August Break

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