Friday, August 10, 2012

Yarn Along

I have read such a lot of books this year I can hardly keep up with myself. I am keeping a record and I think this book, You Deserve Nothing by Alexander Maksik, is about the 44th I have read this year - not including the several books I have got partway through and given up on. I started it in bed last night, and am really enjoying it. 

I am still working on the baby blanket for a friend's granddaughter, due to be born in October. I should have finished it by then, it's the sewing up that will be my challenge. I have a bag full of finished projects that I need to sew together. I need to find someone who doesn't like knitting but likes making things up and we could have a collaborative joint effort to make things! I finished the main white part of the blanket, this is the pink edging. I am pleased with how it is looking, rather pretty I think. 

Joining Yarn Along and August Break


  1. The key is to find patterns that do not require sewing! I love the pink and the lacy edge-so pretty!!

  2. When I read how many books you'd read this year my mouth dropped open. That is a one big list, Debbie. I can't count how many books I started and didn't finish this year - oh, the shame. Ha ha. I think I will complete one this weekend that I keep picking up and putting down.

    As for your knitting, wow, it looks gorgeous.


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