Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I love real mail. How lovely it is to get something other than junk mail, bills and letters from Virgin Media - which come under junk mail, but I get so many of them they deserve their own category of Really Annoying, especially as I am already with Virgin Media and I don't need to see all the fantastic offers they are giving their new customers, that don't apply to me as an existing one. 

Anyway, look at the postal loveliness that I have been lucky enough to receive this week!

Cococita in Belgium drew such a lovely elephant for me, and that notepad is made from elephant poo! I love the tiny card, and the flowery washi tape - I have never had any before and so I am seriously behind the times, I realise. 

Sara sent me a poster detailing the various vitamins etc.  in vegetables, knowing I am moving towards being completely vegetarian. This is the second one she has sent me, the first was eaten by the dog! This one will be kept firmly out of her reach. I'd quite like to put it on the kitchen wall, but I don't think we have an empty section of wall large enough for it, it's a large poster, and we have a very small kitchen!

Last night we went to see the Australian Pink Floyd, I gave the Prof tickets for Christmas. Sunday we ran errands and visited family, and Saturday I went to a friend's hen night. It seems ages since we had a quiet night in, so that's what I am looking forward to tonight, with an easy dinner of jacket potatoes and if I manage to stay awake long enough, some knitting. I am already in pyjamas at 6pm. It's that sort of evening. 


  1. Isn't REAL mail lovely? I really should get back into writing more snail mail. I love doing that.

    Funny - I am with Virgin, too. Except not media, just mobile (they classify where we live as 'semi-rural' (?!) and so don't have cable here). However, they've recently given me a very good deal on my new phone, so I am happy with them. Yay!

    Enjoy your postal goodies ;)

  2. I saw Australian Pink Floyd a few years back at a biker festival I used to go to, wow that brings back memories :) Looks like an awesome mail day for you!

  3. Oh, how wonderful! I just love real mail! And I adore that vitamin poster--do you know where it is from? It would be awesome to hang in our kitchen...if we have the wall space! I am mostly vegetarian, perhaps largely because I never really learned how to cook meat! Ah well, at least I really like vegetables :) Glad you got so many great goodies!

    1. It came from a shop in Brighton, where my friend lives. If I visit her sometime, I will get her to show me the shop and pick you one up!

  4. I adore real mail! But I love how instantaneous email is :)

  5. I just received real mail as well, it was refreshing :) love the chart of the foods, looks like it's chock full of info.


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