Friday, January 09, 2015

A New Year

My forsythia is in bud, I noticed the other day. I'm looking forward to it looking like this again very soon. 
Well, hello. It's been (cough cough) months since I wrote anything here and the longer I didn't, the less I seemed to have to say. Yet here I am, back. How are you?

So, what's new. The Prof has a new job that he started just before Christmas. He likes it much better than the last. The Young Philosopher started a degree in Anthropology and is thoroughly enjoying it (maybe I should change his pseudonym) and his lovely girlfriend S has been in a new job for a couple of months which she is enjoying, too. I am very happy that they're all happy.

And me? I feel like my New Year is off to a slow start. I have a list of to-dos in my head that's nine feet long, and somehow I spend time crossing things off but the list doesn't get any shorter. I was making plans for what I wanted to accomplish this year but then I got fed up because that  seemed like another lot of pressure so I stopped. I'll probably go back to it in the next weeks. I've been bullet journaling in the last few months, which helps me stay (semi) organised. It stops the noise in my head from completely overwhelming me at least, and I no longer lose my lists, because well, my moleskin bullet journal is a lot bigger than a scrap of paper. And it's pink.

I've been knitting and reading, but neither very much. I made a cowl for the Young Philosopher which he really likes, and as usual I forgot to take a photograph. I'll try and remember to get one. Now I'm knitting the same pattern for myself, and I've had a couple of request for dishcloths, so I'm working on those in between times. I've several unfinished projects I want to complete too, if only to get them off the to-do list! I read a good book recently - Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey. The story is written in the voice of Maud, an elderly woman with dementia, and her narrative goes back and forth between the present day and her youth, when her sister disappeared. I found it intriguing, sad and gently funny.

I'm glad I came back here, though I'm probably talking to myself. I expect you have given up on me! If you're reading - hello, and Happy New Year. I'll see you in a day or two.


  1. Wendee from California10 January 2015 at 18:02

    Hi Debbie! I was *just* thinking about you. Best wishes for 2015! It's so wonderful to read your words again!!

  2. Wendee, hi! Thanks for popping in, and a very Happy New Year to you! xx


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