Monday, January 12, 2015

that was the weekend

Hahn/Cock, by Katharina Fritsch, I love the madness of this in Trafalgar Square among all the grey London  buildings

Most weekends I try to have a mix of getting things done and having fun. This one was more fun and less doing the necessary. The housework didn't happen, but these things did:

:: I went to a cafe for breakfast with the Prof, the young Philosopher and Ms S

:: I made delicious soup for dinner, twice

:: I spent an afternoon in London with the Prof, visiting the (excellent) Rembrandt exhibition

:: I wore my new all-black Converse, which made me happy. It's the little things!

:: I made a decision to wear my 'best' coat whenever I feel like it. How daft is it to have a coat I love that's only been worn twice in the 18 months since I bought it?   
:: I knitted some more of my blue/green cowl 

:: I took lots of photos. Half the fun was carrying my camera around in my new mint Jo Totes Gracie camera bag, which is exactly the kind of handbag I like. Roomy, long strap, room for camera, book, notepad as well as purse, keys etc. I love it! 

It was a good weekend, except that my poor Prof has a cold. I'm hoping he feels better soon (also that I don't catch it!). 

Weekending with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise and others

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  1. Ha! I wore my best coat a lot this past week because I felt fancier :) Wish I had new sneakers though.....Glad your weekend was full of fun :)


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