Thursday, March 26, 2015

Knitting and Reading

I finished reading Station Eleven and really liked it. I enjoy post apocalyptic tales for some reason, I think I like to scare myself about how easily and quickly society and all its infrastructure would break down. Cheerful stuff. The book followed several people over time from before the event and during life afterwards and ended positively. I really enjoyed it. 

I'm now reading The Miniaturist for my book group. The story is set in 17th century Amsterdam and the main character is a young girl who goes to live there after her arranged marriage to a businessman. She knows very little about her new husband and his household and there are a few mysteries. There is also a kind of magical sinister thread running through the book to do with a dolls house (giving nothing away) and I am looking forward to getting to the bottom of it. I only have a hundred pages or so left. The book group are planning to follow up with a visit to the Dolls House exhibition at the Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green. The museum is always good for a visit and this new exhibition looks interesting. 

This year (and last year, only this year I MEAN IT) I resolved to deal with some unfinished projects. So yesterday I decided it was time to pull out my purple poncho and coral cardigan and finally get both of them completed. The poncho just needs some sewing up. I love the yarn (James C Brett Marble Chunky), it is very warm and soft. The poncho is knitted as a series of different squares that are sewn together, and sometime I would like to use this yarn and knit a throw from the same squares for our living room. First I need to decide on a colour scheme for the room and decorate it. That's a whole other project! There's one sleeve to knit to finish the coral cardi, so I'm working on that now and then will sew it together. I'm looking forward to wearing it as it goes well with my coral sandals that I hope the weather will be warm enough for soon. 

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  1. I will be your cheerleader to finish your projects! Yay for making room for new ones :)

  2. two nearly finished projects! Hoooray! So close. And you will be soooo happy. (I'm cheering, too!)

  3. Hello. I wish you the best in getting your projects completed. I know it's sometimes hard since I too have a few sitting in the closet waiting to be done :( This sounds like a great book that you are currently reading. Maybe I will need to find a copy for myself. Have a wonderful weekend (it's almost here).....

  4. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Miniaturist, I have had my eye on this title for quite a while.
    Well done on getting some projects to their completion stage :)

  5. Lovely colors and bravo for heading for the finish! I've just been peeking at you blog and put the James Runcie book on my library list Thanks!

  6. ooh that books sounds creepy and intriguing and what an appropriate visit to coincide with it.

    Well done with finishing the's a good feeling isn't it?

    Hope the weather warms up and you can wear your coral sandals...they sound amazing.

    Ps I've answered your comment re. the cupboard handles. I hope it helps.

  7. Yay for you, Debbie! Those projects will be done so perfectly! :D


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