Friday, March 20, 2015


Awright here we go, today I'm totally gonna...

For Today... March 20th, 2015. Spring Equinox and partial eclipse (apparently)

Outside my window...grey skies all morning. Brightening up this afternoon, now it's too late to see the eclipse.

I am thinking...about lunch. Decisions, decisions. I fancy boiled eggs but we're having those for tea, something light on Friday evenings as we weigh-in tomorrow morning, not that I expect that will help as I've been far from a Slimming World Diva this week.

I am thankful...for my son who rang me yesterday as he thought he'd put something important in my kitchen bin and would I look for it. I spent a happy ten minutes getting my arms wet and smelly to no avail and then found the required item on the work surface this morning. I still love him.

I am purple fluffy dressing gown past lunchtime. I didn't really intend to, but I rushed downstairs this morning to see the eclipse and haven't gone back upstairs yet.

I am creating... dishcloths. I have a lot of part-balls of different coloured cottons and am amusing myself knitting stripes, and choosing the next colour from the bag without looking. Sometimes one must make one's own entertainment.

I am wondering...if I can't have boiled eggs, if it's acceptable to have crumpets for lunch when I already had them for breakfast. I'm sensing not.

I am reading... The Radio Times. My regular weekly Friday session of reading the interview at the back, the letters page and then going through the whole week's listings and setting up everything I want to record.

I am going... to buy myself daffodils.

I am hoping...the weather is nice at the weekend. The Prof has work to do on our new fence and I might just join him and tidy up out there. I'm sure I could do with the vitamin D.

I am learning...that I really do need to stay within my energy envelope, as they say. Overdoing it one day and then being unable to do anything for the next three, time and again, is hardly sensible. Five years down the line with ME/CFS/SEID/Whatever they're calling it now, you think I'd have learned that already.

In my garden...there are two little flowers on the very small Daphne I planted last year. The blueberry bushes are coming to life and my pot of lilies are starting to push up through the soil, there are so many as they multiply each year and I keep saying I'll repot them after they've flowered.  And as always at this time, I wish I had got around to planting daffodils last year. I even bought the bulbs and they're still languishing in the shed, I wonder if they'll still be okay to plant after a year.

In my kitchen... vegetable crisps, chocolate biscuits, pears. On the windowsill my Christmas/Easter cactus (it has an identity crisis) is in flower again.

A favorite quote for today... Bill Bailey, on twitter: 'feel left out of eclipse frenzy in W London so have draped a satsuma peel over my left eye'.

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  1. Love the quote, it made me laugh out loud :) I too stayed in my PJs way too long to watch the eclipse. Thanks for sharing your great little moments.

  2. my cactus is flowering as well and I'm quite happy about it! Staying within what our bodies can and cannot do is essential to good health and happiness. Wishing you luck!


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