Thursday, January 11, 2018

Oh, hello.....

I popped out for five minutes in August 2016 and forgot to come back. 

Things have happened, as they do. We lost our lovely dog Star just over a year ago. I miss her, especially during the day, when I am mostly here on my own. The house seems very empty without her. 

In October 2016 my brother's baby girl was born and I am loving being an Auntie for the first time. 

We bought our house last April and embarked on decorating throughout. So far we've a new gas fire and sofa, some electrical work done, partially stripped the walls and ripped up the carpet. There's a long way to go...and a lot of money to be saved up to pay for it. We found a 1920 farthing on the floorboards but I don't think that will go far towards it...

I am very proud to say that the Young Philosopher graduated last year - actually in Anthropology, although when I started this blog years ago, his interest was in Philosophy. Maybe I should call him the Young Anthropologist. 

He and Miss Disney got engaged and are hoping to get married fairly soon, which is lovely! I am thrilled for them. She is a lovely young woman and they are so well suited.

Since recovering from ME/CFS in November 2015, I was at a bit of a loose end for a while. Having been unable to do much at all for about seven years, I found myself in the situation of not knowing what I wanted to do. I've been getting involved with more things locally, I joined a second WI, and I've been attending some local craft workshops and learning new things. I'm also considering doing some voluntary work. Or even some paid work, if I could find something suitable - I'm kind of uniquely qualified for nothing - or rather the thing I am qualified in I no longer want to do. 

Oh - and I turned 50 on New Year's Day. I am working on a list of 50 things to do to celebrate. Any ideas? 


  1. Lovely to see you back and to catch up on all your news - sorry to hear about your dog - they leave such a huge hole in your life when they go, don't they.
    For your fifty list, how about thinking of some places relatively close to home that you've always said "oh we must go to..." about, and get them visited? Walk the Thames Path maybe?

  2. Wonderful news Debbie and Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your time doing lots of fun things.

  3. lovely to see and hear from you! Wishing you all the good health in 2018!


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