Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wedding Plans

These are the buttonholes for our wedding. We are getting married in a Tudor manor house, hence the Tudor roses. I have about thirty still to make, plus more for headdress and some much bigger ones for my bouquet.

We are doing quite a bit of DIT (do-it-together!) wedding stuff.
  • Buttonholes
  • Bouquet
  • Head wreath/circlet
  • Wreath for the Prof's helmet
  • The Prof's outfit - he is wearing Saxon clothes, which my Mum is making. She is looking forward to telling people she made her son-in-law's wedding dress!
  • Bunting - done, courtesy of Mum
  • Table runners - Mum is doing those too
  • Centrepieces - the Prof has a cunning plan for these and for the
  • Post box -
  • Invitations - we are hoping to get these out in the next couple of weeks
  • Programmes - in progress
  • Wedding certificate - in progress
  • Cake topper - we have Playmobil figures and need to glue them on to a base
  • Ceremony/vows - we are writing these ourselves
  • Table names -
  • Menu cards for tables - do we need these?
  • Place cards
Other things we need to get done:

Order wedding postage stamps
Send invitations
Renew passport
Book honeymoon
Arrange canapes and drinks at ceremony venue
Arrange food and drink choices with reception venue
Finish wedding website
Buy the Young Philosopher's outfit
Visit both venues with photographer
Make list of photographs we want
Ask someone (who?) to take video
Arrange rehearsal
Arrange flowers for ceremony venue
Arrange car
Buy ribbon for cake
Buy ribbon for family cars
Decide on music for ceremony and make CD
Decide on background music for reception
Provide reception venue with a seating plan
Visit register office and give notice of intention to marry
Decide on readings/details of ceremony
Fill in questionnaire for celebrant/provide her with our ideas for ceremony
Buy disposable cameras and make explanatory cards for table
Buy 'menu holders' to display photos/table names
Order corsages from florist for key female guests/members of wedding party
Get my dress altered
Buy shoes
Buy underwear
Take the the Prof's helmet and sword to be polished
Arrange make up and hair trials for me and Mum
Arrange for hair and make up on the day for me and Mum
Collect cake from the Prof's sister
Collect favours from my friend who is kindly making them (homemade chocs, yum!)
Give seating plan to reception venue

Day of/day before
Put up bunting
Provide venue with runners, decorations, favours, cake

We have just under three months to the wedding, but I'd like to have all the wedding arrangements and all the DIT done by the end of March. It would be nice to spend the last few weeks before our wedding having time to look forward to it!


  1. Wow. Debbie. That's quite a list! Very organised though. I think my favourite is: make wreath for groom's helmet. I wonder how many wedding to-do lists that has appeared in!

    You can do it though, I know it can feel overwhelming but it will be ok. You will get married, and at the end of the day it's you and the DP who come first. One tiny suggestion - we delegated making the music compilations to a couple of friends and my brother, it gave them a way to be involved and saved us a lot of time.

    Maybe you could prioritise renewing the passport, then whatever happens you can still escape ;-)
    Sara x

  2. Hi Sara!
    A couple of things got ticked off the list over the weekend. It's just a case of plugging away at it, really. I know it will all get done in the end!
    Thanks for popping by :-)

  3. You're a list person! I like list people.

    (Note to self: cross off 'say something nice to at least one person today')

    I LOVE your buttonholes. They are briliant.

  4. Eek! Here's that missing 'l'. Would you mind slotting it in for me? Brlliant.

  5. I love that you said Do it Together. That is very cool. The only thing that my husband wanted any part of our wedding was the music and alcohol.

    The fact that you have a list and a plan will help you reach that end of March goal. Good luck!

  6. Wow! I had completely forgotten how much work a wedding is. It sounds like you have a wonderful one planned. A little at a time, and it will all get done with lots of love. I love that you're planning to DIT. Enjoy the journey! :)


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