Friday, October 07, 2011

unravelling: finding my feet

This week as part of the Unravelling course I have been thinking about my feet.  Not something I do very often, though I do  treat my feet to a home pedicure quite regularly, finishing off with nail polish. I always like to have my nails polished, even in the winter it gives me a lift to have pretty feet, despite the fact that they are usually hidden in socks and boots.  I also use cream on my feet, my current favourite being Mango Body Butter from the Body Shop, and slather it on before bed, or in the mornings if I am going to be wearing socks that day.

Generally, though, I don't give much thought to my feet.  I certainly don't look down very often as I am out and about., so this week I have noticed things I wouldn't normally.  Like the flagstone in the picture which has a quote on it from the library at Thebes, in Ancient Egypt, 'The medicine chest of the soul'. Isn't that lovely? Funny, too that often you don't notice something in real life and it becomes obvious when you look at a photograph. My doorstep (in the bottom pic) has now been painted, thanks to the picture. I  have sorted out my sock drawer, and I have also thrown out all my shoes that were uncomfortable or past their best.

This is all tying in quite well with my ongoing Simplifying project (more on that to follow quite soon...)

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  1. Sounds like Unraveling is going really well, I know you were looking forward to it, glad you are enjoying it.

    I love your feet photos, I've shot a lot of feet too, I don't know what it is.

    Very cool!


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