Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Now

Current time: Monday evening, 9.40pm

In my glass: Hot chocolate: Put 5 spoonsful of Galaxy hot chocolate powder chocolate powder (says 4 on the jar) into a large mug. Add a slug of milk. Whip up with the battery operated whipping-up thing. Add hot water to about an inch from the top of the mug, and balance as many marshmallows as you can on the top (4 easily, 5 if you are determined enough). Wait 5 minutes or so before drinking, to let the marshmallows go all nice and melty.

In my belly: Spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta, piccolo tomatoes, courgette and avocado.
In my ears: This afternoon I had a gorgeous bubble bath and listened to the soundtrack to the Princess Bride, a lovely CD which I have coveted for a long time.

Out the window: Dark and very cold. I think it's due to be -5 tonight. 

On the editor: Hot air balloon photos from the weekend.

Last watched:  Call the Midwife, a new series which started yesterday. I loved it, and there's a book, too! 

Feeling good about: Meeting up with my Mum tomorrow. We've not seen each other for a couple of weeks so it will be nice to catch up. We are off to buy material for tea towels. My latest project is learning how to use a sewing machine, so I thought I'd make some tea towels for practise. I am also hoping to pick up some new cushions to go inside our covers, and we will no doubt have lunch or a little cake and a cup of tea. 

Feeling bad about: Terrible things in the news lately. Recently I have seen the news several times, when to be honest I don't usually watch it. Some really tragic things have happened in the last week or so, and my heart goes out to the people involved. 

By my bedside: The Artist's Way, which I am working through with a group of online friends at the moment and Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson, which is about a woman who wakes up every morning with no memories. It's quite intriguing so far. I suspect foul play...

Making me think: In April we are going to decorate our bedroom. We have a royal blue carpet which has to stay, but other than that we have free rein, so I am currently trying to put together some ideas. Sounds like a good excuse to spend some time on Pinterest.

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  1. I've been perusing the interwebs in search of bedroom decor inspiration, too. Every time I have thought about redecorating it, I have ended up spending the money on something more "productive." This year, my guy birthday-gifted me with a certificate for his labor (for painting and hanging window hardware, etc.) and designated funds just for the bedroom redo! (Our carpet is staying, too.) Of course NOW I'm having trouble finding textile patterns that I love in a price range that doesn't offend my sensibilities. Sigh.


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