Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Going Shopping

I don't much like grocery shopping. That is, I enjoy wandering around Waitrose or Marks and Spencer picking up the odd thing, but I really don't enjoy the weekly trawl around Asda/Sainsbury for a trolley load. I sometimes order online, but I have not been impressed with the state of some of the things I have had delivered. So I have a new system at the moment, and we'll see how it goes. 

Yesterday I did a big online shop from Sainsbury. I spent over £100, so delivery was free (saving £5.99) and I had a coupon for £10 off a £100 shop. I ordered a month's worth of paper products, dog food, and lots of store cupboard essentials and tinned stuff. 

We have started having an organic veg box delivered. I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced the goods are, and that the company sell all sorts of other items, not just fruit and vegetables. Last week I ordered a salad box in addition to a medium veg box, some mince, sausages, steak and fish, and a few Ecover laundry and cleaning products which were on special offer. 

Our next delivery is due tomorrow. I have decided against the salad box this time, so opting just for the veg. In addition I have ordered a some fruit, chicken, some lamb, sausages and mince. In this way I am hoping to avoid major supermarket trips, though we will probably fill in around the edges from time to time.  

It's been fun thinking of ways to use the various things in the veg box. With our first delivery we got a free cookbook, so that has helped with ideas. At the weekend I roasted chicory, onions and apple in a little balsamic vinegar and sugar, to go with the sausages and mashed potatoes we were having for dinner. It's the first time I have ever had chicory, and I found it a little bitter, but the balsamic vinegar and sugar helped. I will share a recipe here from time to time when I come up with something tasty.  

I have to admit, though, the artichokes are still looking sideways at me with their little alien faces this morning. I will let you know when I have decided what to do with them...


  1. I miss shopping online. Sigh. But my credit card company is not in favour of it :)

  2. I don't even own a credit card, I do it with my debit card so it all comes straight out of the bank :)

  3. We hate doing big shops too - I can handle popping into the little local supermarket for fresh stuff (bread, milk, veggies & cheese) when we need them but the big shop when we have to trail up and down all the aisles, ugh. With a monthly meat box delivery from a local farm, we've got our big shops for store cupboard stuff down to about once every two months - makes us a lot happier!

    Can I ask who you're using for your veg box? I realise there is quite a distance between us but some firms cover nationwide and I'm looking for any recommendations I can get :)

  4. We are using Abel and Cole. We have only had two boxes so far. I have a veg box each week and have been getting bits of fruit and meat from them too, and so far have been pleased with everything. The only issue for me is fruit and veg going off more quickly than I am used to from the supermarket, but I guess that goes with the territory as it hasn't got any nasty chemicals in it.

  5. Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. It's great that they delivered for free and that you don't have to go out anymore to get what you need. How long have you been doing this? And it's also great that they dish out a lot of freebies! This is definitely a must-try!


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