Friday, January 27, 2012

That Was The Week

Some things I have been doing this week;

Knitting a dishcloth for my Dad. I am sure you think that knitting dishcloths is very sad, when you can buy them cheaper, but that is not the point. They are far superior, the knobbly texture more useful, last for ages and can be washed in the washing machine (mine have been going for YEARS) and you can have them in all the colours of the rainbow. Take a look at these beauties here  , or pop over to the Dishcloth Boutique where they have lot of patterns.

Meeting up with Gail. We've have known each other since our children were little and moved up North in 2010 and just comes back a couple of times a year for a visit so it was lovely to see her! We went to Hornchurch for a wander around the charity shops, and then out for dinner. In the shops I got a brooch and two lovely coasters with roses on, which will go nicely on our bedside tables, they will fit in nicely with the kind of country look I am planning for our bedroom revamp in April. The brooch will end up on my coat, or on one of my many scarves and pashminas. I do love accessories!

Ordering some more of these shoes.  I don't know if I have weird shaped feet or what, but every pair of shoes I have hurt my feet. I am ok with flat boots, and with some sandals, but shoes are just awful, even simple shoes without a heel like ballet flats. Within an hour I am in agony. the Prof has been telling me for ages to stop looking for bargains and to just spend a decent amount of money on a pair and a few weeks ago, I did just that. On a trip to Canterbury we came across the shoe shop Hotter and I bought those lovely shoes. They are wonderful, I have never had a pair so comfortable. This week I ordered two more pairs from their website. 

Going to a new craft group. Eight of us are meeting fortnightly at someone's house, to work on individual or group projects, have a cuppa and a chat. It's an offshoot group of the WI I go to, so I know most of the women slightly already, and it's so nice to get together and see what everyone is working on, and exchange ideas. I was sewing the ends in on a striped dishcloth this week and they were very taken with it! (See!). Some of them wondering about knitting them to sell at fetes in the summer, but I am not sure how cost-effective it would be, unless I can find a very low-priced supply of coloured 100% cotton yarn. I usually buy mine on ebay and it's not cheap. Anyone know where it can be bought cheaply? 

So, that was my week. What have you been up to in these grim, grey January days?


  1. Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying the veg box. I used to use a website called something like 'what do I do with this?!' to deal with mystery veg but I can't find it now. There's some nice seasonal recipes on the Riverford site, also

    The craft group sounds like fun, I could do with something like that round here! Hope you're having a good weekend
    p.s. like the shoes :)

  2. Thanks, Sara, I will have a look at those sites. As for craft groups, there must be something where you are I would have thought. Or there is always the WI (it's not all Jam and Jerusalem, honest!)

  3. Dishcloths are awesome! Not sad in the least. Hankering to make some myself (only with crochet as my knitting attempts would be sad!)


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