Monday, July 08, 2013

this weekend I've been

volunteering: manning (womaning?) the Women's Institute stall at a local summer fair.  I came away with rhubarb and raspberry jam I was very excited about and some lemon drizzle cake. We hopefully recruited some new members too, there were some very enthusiastic ladies there. 

eating: lemon drizzle cake. Rhubarb jam (very disappointing - expensive and I couldn't taste the rhubarb). Strawberries and cream - how else to watch Wimbledon? 

drinking: proper coffee from my cafetiere, with cream. We've only had instant for a while and proper coffee is just so much nicer. A glass of traditional lemonade with ice on a hot day, gorgeous. I must make it myself sometime. 

feeling: tired, but happy. I've been doing more than usual lately, and so far it is making me very tired, hence lots of extra sleep, but its not made me ill so that's an improvement and I hope it continues. 

watching: Andy Murray win the Wimbedon men's final! The first British male to win in shorts, that's how long ago it was that we last won, 77 years! I have to admit to falling asleep in the middle of the match, but I was awake to see the end and to eat the strawberries, those are the important parts! 

enjoying: the sight and smell of the glorious sweet peas I am growing on a wigwam by the front door. I have small vases of them on the mantelpiece and the kitchen windowsill and they smell divine. 

weekending with Amanda 


  1. beautiful weekend. and i love sweet peas, yours are gorgeous.

  2. get your rest when you need it! What is lemon drizzle cake? Sounds delicious and probably full of sugary goodness. "womanning" would be my word ;)

  3. Lemon drizzle cake is divine, Karen! Not that I bake (last made a cake in 1993!) but my WI compatriots are experts. I'll find a recipe and let you have it :)

  4. the cake sounds delicious! and yes, proper coffee is the best :)

  5. We didn't get to see Andy's win, but sure have heard of it! Congrats, Brits! Your sweet peas are beautiful!

  6. Love your sweet pea pictures! My mom is the tennis follower, she would be right beside you.

  7. How perfectly lovely! We are surrounded by sweet peas up here on the mountain, some of them veen showing little pea pods--gorgeous! The lemon drizzle cake sounds divine! A friend of mine makes a good one, and she is from the UK too...maybe it is a natural skill? :)


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