Monday, July 01, 2013

this weekend I have been...

What I've not been doing this weekend is taking photos, hence this random one, taken in London a couple of months ago on one of our drives. After I posted it, I realised the words at the side are particularly apt: today I'm making laundry liquid! 

  • Eating: Nectarines. Not really ripe enough yet, but I couldn't resist. There were four in the box - the Prof got one, the Young Philosopher wasn't here, I managed to eat the other three. A chip butty with lots of salt and vinegar. Toast with jam for breakfast. A veggie wrap and crisps from Pret in the car with the Prof on our way out last night. Half a brownie with the Prof, also in the car. I am not sure we ate a proper meal this weekend, that seems like a lot of snack food, oops. 
  • Drinking: full leaded coffee as the decaf has run out. Peach schnapps and lemonade, which I took up to bed with me to read in bed. Woke up this morning and took a swig, thinking it was my usual water. Peach schnapps not so nice first thing in the morning! 
  • Doing: Lying in bed late. Knitting. 
  • Watching: Wimbledon. Not much of a choice, the Prof's a fan - me not so much, but I will summon some enthusiasm (and some strawberries and cream) for the final next week, I expect. 
  • Feeling: Tired, it's been a busy week. This week and next week are too, so I'm crossing my fingers and planning to eat well, get to bed early (and maybe grab an afternoon nap or two) and hope I can manage and I don't get ill. 
  • Going: to the Royal Albert Hall (for the first time. Fantastic venue, what a lovely building) to see Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, I gave the Prof tickets for his birthday in April. The special guest was Marc Almond from Soft Cell, the very last person I would have expected to see singing Jethro Tull songs. Apparently he's a big prog rock fan, who knew? I love Tainted Love, it's always been my theme song with my friends - you know the song you always get up and dance to? Ever since I was thirteen! 
  • Making: Finally sewing the poncho together. It's about time. I still have to knit a border around the neck, another around the hem and make a fringe. I've also been making a dishcloth to send to a friend. I'm feeling the need to cast on something else and I'm not sure what. 
How was your weekend?

Weekending with Amanda 


  1. LOVE! what a wonderful weekend.

    1. thank you, and good to see you here :)

  2. My husband is into prog rock and would LOVE to see lucky duck! I have heard of chip butty (can't remember what it is). My husband grew up in England until 7-8 yo then moved to Canada then to US when we met.

    Schnapps in the morning sounds....icky!

    1. A chip butty is a chip sandwich, and our chips are I suppose what you would call fries, only they are fatter, like in English fish and chips.

      We've seen Ian Anderson three times now, he's always good value, and he still plays that flute standing on one leg!

  3. I love this format for a post! We always get rock hard nectarines too, but this week we were blessedly lucky with them. Good luck to us ever finding such good ones again! I am excited to hear how the laundry soap goes! Do let us know, so we can adopt your clever ways! :)

  4. I think they would have softened up if I could leave them alone long enough!


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