Sunday, August 11, 2013

eight, nine, ten, eleven

My favourite Valerian, seeing it everywhere at the moment. 

Memorial in the church at Chilham, Kent. Apparently the only memorial in England to depict children's toys - a battledore and shuttlecock, and the book they are reading has a picture of the Babes in the Wood

The bees love the passion flower in our garden

Above the doorway of a lovely little shop in Chilham, reminding me I have Thoreau's Walden on my Kindle still to read


  1. Beautiful, I can't decide if my favorite is the quote or the sculpture....

  2. I love these! I can't believe you have a passion flower in your yard. I'd be out there all day staring at it. Also, that is a fantastic quote, and I'd like to think it applies to me, since I'm such a bargain-loving girl;)


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