Tuesday, August 20, 2013

eighteen, nineteen, twenty

Chilham, Kent
We've been away for ten days, house sitting for friends who live near Canterbury. You may have noticed the Kent bias to my photographs recently. We had a really nice relaxing time and now I am pretty much exhausted. How come a relaxing time doesn't leave me feeling relaxed?

We arrived home on Sunday, and I spent Monday unpacking and working my way through Mount Washmore. I am busy every day this week, never a good thing for me, I seem to need a day or two in between to recharge. I have a hair cut scheduled, a days cleaning for my Auntie, a WI coffee afternoon. I need to colour my hair, too - I am still planning to stop colouring it and see what colour I actually have underneath but for now I'm using semi-permanent instead of permanent. It has no ammonia, smells nicer and I don't notice a difference from the permanent dye. I have white roots in 10 days whatever I use. I am still mulling over how to tackle growing it out but it's my Dad's retirement do at his work this week and I'm not turning up to meet all his workmates looking like mad badger woman. 

I've been making progress with my £2013 in 2013 goal. My earnings each week from the bit of cleaning and ironing I am doing is going in the pot, along with any cashback we earn here and there when we buy things online. I still need to get going with ebay. I do have some things here I know I could sell, but working out how to do it all just seems overwhelming. We have so much decluttering to do and really, right now I feel like just taking everything down to the charity shop and being done with it. That won't get to me to my £2013 goal though, and neither will it pay for the house renovations we're planning.

This evening we're having a rare treat, the Young Philosopher wants to watch a film with us - Cloud Atlas, which he's seen already and loved. I'm making a sit-in-front-of-the-film pizza and salad dinner and I have to have it ready for the minute the Prof gets in from work as it's a three hour film and otherwise we'll be falling asleep. 

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  1. We have never been to the UK, so I especially love seeing these pictures;) What a fun movie night! We saw that one in the theater--very good! Movie and dinner nights were always special fun in our family--hope you have a great time too!


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