Wednesday, July 27, 2016

not really knitting or reading

Knitting is a sore point as I've just finished something that took me a long time and right at the end has turned into a disaster that I can't fix. I was so fed up I stopped knitting for a week, which is unheard of!  I've started something else now, but I can't share as it's a gift. Instead, here is the blanket I finished a little while ago, my first crocheted item. I'm very pleased with it and I have made a cushion to match, though I haven't added the press studs or sew it up yet. Does anyone else have several items waiting to be sewn up? 

I've not been reading as much as usual lately. This book seems quite good so far, but hasn't really got going yet. For my book group this month we read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, and a few of us saw the film. I'd recommend both - funny, bittersweet and thought provoking.  

Joining Ginny for Yarnalong 


  1. bummer about the knitting sorry. I think it's happened to all of us one time or another.....but never seems to make me feel better!

  2. so good to see you once again! bummer about the knitting....


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