Thursday, July 28, 2016

today 28.7.16

Outside my window...dark. It's past 1am

Wearing... Jeans, brown top, favourite white Birkenstocks, elephant bracelet

Making me happy... chocolate milk with ice, it reminds me of a holiday abroad when I was young 

Making me think... the news

Creating... I'd like to make something with patchwork, so I'm musing on the possibilities 

Watching... nothing. Three consecutive nights without even turning the TV on. The quiet is refreshing

Reading... blogs. Down to Earth, Mr Home Maker, Small Things.

Listening... Julian Lennon 'Salt Water'

Going... to Gretna Green for my brother's wedding

Gardening... the sweet peas on the windowsill are flowering at last cooking, it's too hot. Cold meals. Salads, fruit, wraps  

On my bedside table... glass of water, messy pile of make up and jewellery and a pile of books (on the floor next to the bed, large labrador)

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