Friday, November 19, 2010

Celebrating in Style

Mum and I went to the Ritz for afternoon tea today to celebrate her birthday. The Dusty Professor drove us there and back, but he wouldn't wear a chauffeur's hat.

The food and the service were very good. We couldn't eat all the cakes and scones, and now that I am the sort of person who dines out at the Ritz I didn't like to put them in my handbag and take them home. Shame, because they were lovely!

I suspect that Afternoon Tea at The Ritz isn't for posh people. The other diners all looked pretty much like us - ordinary people out for a bit of a treat. I certainly wouldn't have brought my camera out if there hadn't already been several people snapping away and asking waiters to take their photographs. I expect the Upper Classes would find it all quite beneath them.

We had a lovely time. I think this could be an annual Mum's birthday event.


  1. your MUM? ! she looks like your sister !

  2. What a lovely, lovely lady!!!

  3. I just hope Mary means you look young for your age, rather than I look old for mine.....


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