Monday, November 22, 2010

Three Have Lunch in the Crypt

I met up today with two internet friends Mary and Sara in the Cafe in the Crypt of St Martin in the Fields church. I wish I knew how to do the e with the little accent over it, but there you are.

That's me on the left, Sara in the middle, Mary on the right. We had a very nice lunch and spent a couple of hours chatting. The food was very nice, and reasonably priced for central London. I had a vegetarian casserole with jacket potato and salad, creme brulee, (need those accents again) some apple and elderflower juice and then a cup of coffee and I spent about £16.

It was great to finally meet up in person, having known each other online for a while now. Our homes are a bit far flung from each other but I hope we can do it again before too long.

One last note.....I just went upstairs to take off my boots, only to find I have been wearing one brown boot and one black one all day (I have the same pair in both colours). Either Mary and Sara didn't notice, or they think I am slightly lunatic and were kind enough not to mention it.


  1. Hi Debbie, it was lovely to meet you both and I really enjoyed our lunch. And no, I didn't notice your boot issues, good job you had a long skirt on!
    Hope we can do it again, I'll wear odd shoes next time of you like ;-)

  2. Hi Debbie.

    I loved your boot story! Gave me a good laugh.

    Here's a cheat: for a word with an accent, just google it, then copy + paste; that's what I do :)

  3. Why am I not surprised about the boots.....did the same thing myself once - must be in your genes. Glad you had a good time.

  4. how wonderful! glad you got a photo op! you girls look gorgeous.

    i do the boot thing ALL THE TIME.

  5. That's three of us. We should start a club!

  6. Nelly and I are maybe(and I say maybe) coming to England next Oct. We will have to see how things go. Maybe we can meet up.

    That thing with the boot. I have done that myself with my shoes. No not told me. I discovered it on my own. And when I questioned them they said they did not notice. So I am sure that your friends did not notice either. That is so funny!

  7. No I didnt' notice the boot ! It was really nice meeting you both. Hope that your meeting Sara went well and that you werent' too knackered afterwards.


  8. Hello - what a lovely looking lunch! Just wanted to say St Martins in the Fields church is doing some lovely sounding Xmassy lunchtime and evening concerts, classical with candles and sounds lovely, I'm hoping to check it out soon!

    Sasha @ The Happiness Project London


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