Wednesday, June 05, 2013

reading, knitting and tinking

I'm reading the Girl Who Fell from the Sky, one of the choices for my Women's Institute book group. I suggested this one, having seen it on the Richard and Judy book club website recently, and I thought it might be interesting. I really enjoyed the first half or so, though there was one thing I really couldn't believe in - you know when a character does something you really don't believe that character would do? That. It was only a small thing, but it has affected my enjoyment of the rest of the book, and I don't like it nearly so much now. 

I'm still working on my poncho. I'm at the sewing up stage now, my favourite part (yes, that was sarcasm). I dislike sewing up almost as much as I like knitting. I hope to finish it this month, but will probably procrastinate as long as possible. In the meantime I have started a nice simple knit-in-front-of-the-telly project, a little baby blanket for Project Linus UK (Project Linus in the US here). They accept blankets and quilts for both babies and children in need. Despite it not being a very demanding pattern, I have still had to tink a few times (knit backwards! I read that word somewhere recently and I am adopting it) to sort out a mistake. I don't seem to be able to do anything without mistakes, but at least as I get better at knitting I am now able to correct them, so that's improvement, right? I'm still scared of laddering down to fix things, though. One thing at a time!


  1. love the yarn! so lovely! just learned about that charity today, what a great one!

  2. I will do anything to avoid sewing, that is why I only knit top down anything. The least amount of seams the better. And I picked up on your sarcasm before you said you were ;)

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for coming over to my blog. How cool another English blog and a WI member. Shame you aren't enjoying your book it shows how involved you have become with the character. Thank you for sharing about the linus project really worthwhile that's something I'd like to work on too. I've been doing quite a bit of tinking with my knitting too recently. I'm with you and karen on the stitching up thank heavens for circular needles.

    Happy knitting.


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