Monday, June 17, 2013

that was the weekend

On Saturday we were up bright and early to drive the hour plus to Curly Girl's university, collect her and her stuff and deliver some of the stuff to the house she will be living in from September, and bring her and the rest of her things home. You may remember, Curly Girl was the Young Philosopher's girlfriend until a few months ago, when they split quite amicably and remain friends. Her Dad usually drives her to and from uni but is on strong painkillers for an injury, that mean he can't drive for several weeks. I was quite pleased that she asked us! She is a lovely girl, and obviously still feels comfortable with us enough to ask us a favour, which I think is so nice. 

It was quite a nice drive, the weather was sunny quite a lot of the time (despite how it looks in the photos!) and we drove back the pretty way, through the countryside. We made a detour not far from home and drove further into Essex to catch the planes flying over to Buckingham Palace to do a flypast for the Queen's Coronation 60th Anniversary. 

On Sunday we drove out to Blake House Craft Centre. They have a lovely restaurant and we finally used some money my parents gave us to go out for a meal for our second wedding anniversary. Having gift money to spend took away the guilt over having three courses and spending so much money when we are trying to economise! The meal was very good. I have been there previously with my WI craft group, and had cakes and sandwiches that time which were equally tasty. They give you tea the old fashioned way, with hot water to top up, so you get two of three cups from your pot which is always a nice old fashioned bonus in these days of giving you a mug of water, milk already in, with a teabag floating in it. Ugh, both scandalous and revolting.  We had a Sunday roast with all the trimmings on this occasion and then had a walk around the craft centre. 

We didn't buy much, just a couple of things in the farm shop there. My favourite shop is 'Kast Mystical'. They have gorgeous patchwork bags, rainbow jumpers, a selection of wonderful pewter (I think) ornaments (might have to put one on my Christmas list), green man cards and pictures, a lovely scent of incense wafting through the shop... I am a hippy at heart! Both times I have visited I've been very tempted by  a brightly coloured sun catcher with the words 'Be Happy', I can just see it in my little kitchen window where we already have two sun catchers the Young Philosopher and I made years ago.  I think I may well have to go back and get it another time. 

I saw a poster for a boot sale which was interesting as it was a 'lazy' boot sale, starting at 11 am. I remember selling at a boot sale years ago and having to get up at about 5, so this would suit me so much better and we do have quite a bit of stuff we could sell. There was also another poster that said they have an on site kinestheologist. I have been wanting to see one for some time, so I might have to visit again. Oh, I could also pick up that suncatcher.....

I did a little knitting in front of 'The Voice' on Saturday evening, I made a mistake and then put it away, so today I will have to sit down and get that all sorted out. Why do I still make mistakes, even on the simplest patterns? Answers on a postcard please. I need to write a list of projects to do next I think, I keep seeing more and more things I want to make! Recently I have come across this Lark Rise to Candleford Shawl and this head wrap, which both need to go on the list. I might even put the baby blanket aside just for today and make the head wrap....

And this is why I have so many unfinished projects. 

I will leave you today with a picture of the beautiful peacock who lives at Blake House Craft Centre. I'm calling him Bert. 


  1. how sweet to have that connection with an ex girlfriend, she sounds like a lovely young lady! My son's ex was treasured and I'm still a little sad they split up but they were young and going to different schools.

  2. I loved this post! How wonderful that she felt comfortable calling upon you--just shows what warm and wonderful people you are. Happy anniversary! I laughed so hard at the description of tea--scandalous and revolting indeed! It isn't very often that tea is done properly here in the States, and you really never know what you are going to get when you order it, but I rejoice when it is done right! Also, I love that peacock;)


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