Wednesday, June 26, 2013

knitting and reading

Well the head wrap is finished, but you can't see a photo yet as I've taken about a dozen of myself and they're all awful. Something about tilting my head downwards to show you the head wrap elongates my nose to about two feet long and makes my face look distorted. I'll get the Prof to take one of me and post it another time. 

The baby blanket is finally done, it seemed to take ages with a lot of tinking (love that word), and this week I also knitted a few jar jackets. I saw them online and thought they were fun and I have been thinking about small craft items to sell on the WI stall at events, so I made a few as an experiment. I'd like to make one for a really large jar to keep my knitting needles in. 

I'm reading the Universe Versus Alex Woods for my book group. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I am persevering. It's not really my sort of book, being quite humorous. I don't like funny books, or very many comedy shows. My brother says I have no sense of humour. I don't know if that's the case, I do find some things funny, just often not what everyone else thinks is funny! It's taking me a really long time to read because I keep looking at it and finding something else to do instead. I don't really have to read it, I belong to the most laid back book group ever. We meet every six weeks ago and  usually choose three or four books for the next meeting, and then it's up to the individual whether they read one, two or all of the selected books. I've already read two, so I could be excused I think, but I will make the effort for a bit longer before I give up. 

I've also been looking at the Knitter's Year by Debbie Bliss, which I have had for a while. It's a lovely book, with 52 seasonal projects and there are several things in there I would like to make. I'm starting with a rather pretty bookmark, hopefully I will be able to post a picture of that soon. 

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  1. so happy for you that the blanket is done! That means you can cast on something new ;) I hope you get a photo of the headband. I delete almost 2/3s of the photos I take of myself for one reason or another....something about being vain.

  2. the book by D. B. is my first knitting book that I bought! looks wonderful... love the colours and softness of the knit you did. so lovely.

  3. I have both those books and like them both, but I have found it very frustrating when I am reading something for my book club that I'm not enjoying and it's happened a few times. Your knitting looks lovely.

  4. I love your jar cozies! They are really charming, and I am sure they would sell like hotcakes. Who doesn't want a bright splash of color for their storage jars? I think the baby blanket came out so beautifully, and I am excited to see the bookmark and the other things you will make from that book.

  5. What a cute baby blanket! Love the color!! What pattern did you use? It is really darling and I have a new niece coming sometime in August. This would be a fun blanket to knit. Thanks!! Renee

  6. Hi Renee

    I have emailed the pattern to you :)

  7. Tell me more about these jar cozies, please. Are you using them for drinking anything? Do they stay on the jar well? Do you have a favorite pattern?
    I've been drinking out of a jar more regularly and have a couple cuppow lids, but I'd like to make a cozy to help insulate a little and maybe be a slight cushion.

  8. I've not used them for drinking, Amey. There would be a danger of the jar sliding out of the sleeve and crashing to the floor, I think, once it was filed with liquid.


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