Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

I adore these days between Christmas and New Year, languid days of staying up late, sleeping in, falling asleep on the sofa in the middle of the day if I feel like it. I don’t do any chores beyond the absolutely necessary during this gloriously lazy week; the decorations and tree are still in place, there are piles of presents scattered around and we are running out of clean clothes. I have  just relented and put a load of washing on so that the Prof has his favourite t-shirts  to wear tomorrow and Monday, before he goes back to the daily grind of smart shirts and trousers. We are spending a lot of time watching DVDs, reading, once or twice we have been out for a drive.  The Prof’s been working on an essay for his MA, I have been reading my Kindle. We’ve been eating simple food and drinking Baileys. It’s been a comfortable, slow time. It’s been good.

Today is New Year’s Eve. Tonight as always, just before twelve, I will leave the back and front doors to our house open, to allow the Old Year to depart and the New Year to enter. Through that back door I am sending too many late nights, days spent multitasking and doing nothing well, some excess poundage I will be glad to say goodbye to,  and this infernal grasshopper mind of mine.  I will be standing by the front door as Big Ben strikes midnight to welcome one thing: peace. Peace in my surroundings, peace in my mind, peace in my life. Under the heading of peace, these things can enter: Healthier habits; good food, regular bedtimes, exercise, fresh air. Routine; I both detest and crave routine, it is boring but I know it makes life easier to do set things at certain times, I am thinking eating, sleeping, cleaning. Creativity; more writing, photography, some crafting and drawing. Family and friends; more time with both. Fun; drives in the country, weekends away, films, music, laughter. Peace. 


  1. I love the betwix and between days! Happy New Year Debbie!

  2. Thanks Rachel, and the same to you and Himself! :)

  3. Much Peace to you my dear! ...and Happy Birthday wishes, as well!

  4. What a beautiful post. I hope you have a peaceful year :-)

  5. peace may it be!!

    i love your tradition of opening your doors to exit/enter the New Year, perhaps I will try it, after locking the dog away though!

    i detest and crave routine as well, how can something so simple be so hard.


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