Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Reverb11: The Best Day

I am thoroughly enjoying Reverb11, and am awestruck and impressed and all sorts of other adjectives about the manner in which the blogging community rallied with such speed and determination within a few hours and filled the vacuum with so many great prompts. I am discovering new sources of prompts every day, and actually this way of doing things works better for me than last year. Last year I felt that the prompts, or at least my responses to them, were becoming repetitive. I love that this year there there is so much variation. I even wrote a haiku for one of the prompts, for goodness' sake! Fab. I hadn't written a haiku since school, it was fun.

For today I am being rebellious and using a December 1st prompt from a site I have just discovered. Just because there are no rules, and I can.

If you had a “snow day” announced right when you woke up, what would you do with your day? What would your perfect day look like? {prompt from #reverie11, at Eat The Paper}

To start with, I love snow, so just the fact that it was snowing in the first place would make the day pretty perfect. The last real snow day I had was when I was working. These days I am at home mostly anyway, so what a snow day would mean to me would be my husband and son home for the day. The company on a weekday would be welcome. I think I would rise about ten, and stay in pyjamas and fluffy socks all day. Breakfast would be the special patented sandwich made by my son. I'm not sure exactly how it goes, it has mushrooms, ham or bacon and a slice of fried bread in between another two slices of bread. It's crunchy, greasy and quite delicious, and would have to be accompanied by a cup of builder's tea with sugar - rooibos just wouldn't cut it in this instance.

We would then settle down on our battered old sofa for more tea, and the Saturday Telegraph crossword - it might not be Saturday, but this is my perfect day, right? My husband and I (bit of a Queen of England moment there) have been doing the Telegraph General Knowledge crossword on Saturdays since we met. On this perfect snow day we would find for the first time, that we do in fact have enough General Knowledge to complete the whole thing without having to use books and the internet for the last few clues.

We would watch some films, obviously the Princess Bride, best film ever (inconceivable!) and for laughs, Fawlty Towers or a Monty Python film. Followed by the King and I, which I love and my husband doesn't but this is MY perfect day, so he wouldn't only watch it, he would join me in singing along to all the songs and crying when Yul Brynner dies. There would be Galaxy hot chocolate with marshmallows of course, and maybe I'd pop some popcorn - sweet for him, salty for me and the Young Philosopher. Then a small nap.

For dinner it would have to be my all time comfort food which gets far too many mentions in my blog posts - egg and mash. Or tomato soup with cream and basil, with crusty bread. I think in the evening the Prof would draw, and I would curl up with a wonderful book. Oh, and cherry brandy, there has to be cherry brandy in there somewhere, and a roaring fire. Bliss.


  1. What a cozy day you have planned!

    I had not heard of #reverie11 - thanks for pointing me too it.

    Like you, I've been really impressed by how the blogosphere picked up where #reverb10 left off. I like having lots of prompts to pick from, too.


  2. p.s. I adore the Princess Bride! :)


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