Monday, December 12, 2011

Reverb:12 Things

12 Things - What are 12 things your life doesn’t need in 2012? {prompt from geekinhard, written by Sam Davidson} 

Dear Father Christmas

It's a long, long time since I wrote you a letter, if I ever did. I would like to assure you that I have been a very good girl this year, and I was wondering if you would do me a favour? It's not about what I want for Christmas, I think my husband and family are taking care of that. It's more about what I don't want. This year, do you think you could organise for me to have less of a few things, please? 

1. Multi tasking. I usually am writing a blog post, cooking the dinner, pausing to run back and forth hanging out washing, and keeping an eye on twitter, emails and sometimes the tv at the same time. In 2012 I would like to make an effort to focus on one. thing. at. a. time. 

2. Excess weight. Oh, the bane of my existence. I have just slowly and steadily inflated all of my life, more or less, but the couple of stones or so that have gone on in the last few years are just the last straw. I started a diet a couple of weeks ago, I don't have any great hopes of losing much in the next few weeks with Christmas approaching, but if I can least avoid putting any on it will be a good thing. Then full steam ahead in the New Year.

3. Clutter and lack of organisation. Oh, the clutter. Next year the Prof is going to build lots of storage, as currentl we have hardly any, and I will continue my decluttering efforts. Might even sell some stuff on ebay and do that boot sale. 

4. Social media noise - mainly, twitter and emails. I would like to clear out my email accounts. Again. Why do I not delete them as I go? I have two email accounts that I use regularly and each of them has hundreds and hundreds of emails in, read and unread. Periodically I do go through and clear them all out but then I let it build up again. And I need to check twitter a couple of times a day, rather than leave it there all day and keep looking at it. 

5. Stress. I am not good with stress. I believe my CFS was caused partly by the enormous stress I was under in the previous year or so, and like most people with CFS, stress now makes it considerably worse. 

6. Self criticism/self-doubt. I am going to stop thinking/saying I can't do things. Your words become your world, and all that. 

7. Staying up late. I do this too much. Always have. 

8. Colouring my hair. I am totally inspired by Julie Do I dare take the plunge and grow out the grey? I am totally fed up both with the bother of doing it, and with having a little white stripe along my parting again within two weeks. I would really like to see what it looks like with my grey grown out....but I don't relish the thought of growing out that stripe for months. Thinking about this one. Hats? Scarves? 

9. Lack of fresh air/natural light/exercise. I need more of all these. 

10. Going out to eat/takeaways. I don't mind eating out or having a takeaway as a treat, but sometimes we end up spending a lot of money for something we don't even enjoy much (local options are fairly rubbish) because I am too ill to cook, or we can't be bothered. I would like to make sure there are easily cooked options in the house for those eventualities, and reduce the treats to once a week or so, 
which would help both the bank balance and the waistline, I am sure.

11. Procrastination. I am very good at it.

12. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Of course.

Thank you very much FC. Merry Christmas.

D x

P.S. I would leave you out mince pies as I used to do, but please see number 2.

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