Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Reverb11: achievement

What goal did you set yourself and achieve this year? Did you achieve something you didn't think you could? {prompt from resound11}

Last January I wrote '43 things to do while I am 43', so I will take a look at that now and see how I did!

  1. See an Imax film not got around to that one yet
  2. Learn to crochet and make something I tried to learn to crochet, I did! Went on a course, and everything. I was the dunce of the crochet class.  
  3. Get married! Done!
  4. Organise my digital photographs Yep, I did that. It needs a little work again now I have taken more photos, but yes, I did do that one
  5. Organise my old photos Does it count that I got them out of storage and left the box on my living room floor from July until last week, when I put them away again to make room for the Christmas tree?
  6. Take a writing course too scared
  7. Pass ECDL Level Two gave up the course after a few months, due to a combination of wedding stress and ill health
  8. Have a colour analysis consultation Yep! Lovely parents bought it for my birthday
  9. Paint the garden bench Disastrously, yes. I did it too late in the year, it got rained on immediately and the paint is all pockmarked. Will do it again in the Spring.
  10. Take part in an online photography course or challenge Failed miserably with Picture Inspiration, but completed August Break. Go me!
  11. Do archery again No opportunity really. 
  12. Make a birthday cake Make a birthday cake? I haven't even bought a cake tin. 
  13. Renew my passport No
  14. Go abroad for a holiday We were planning France for our honeymoon and then changed our minds and went to Bath in Somerset.
  15. Put a piece of my writing (other than the blog) online No, just blogging
  16. Knit a flower brooch I recently got the pattern out and looked at it intently for a few minutes,
  17. Knit 10 dishcloths, enough that I don't need to buy them anymore. Oh I love knitting dishcloths! Mindless and therapeutic. I don't like sewing the ends in though, so I have lots of unfinished ones from this year.
  18. Make a pair of earrings Surprised to find this on the list, don't remember writing this. Would quite like to have a go though!
  19. Visit the Tate Modern Nah
  20. Visit 5 places in London I have not been to before Ooh. The Crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields, The Thames Foreshore, um does an Anita Klein exhibition count?, Womens' Library. Not bad, but that's only 4. Must do better. 
  21. Go on a walk with London Walks No, sadly. I love London Walks, but walking briskly for two hours is not one of my superpowers most days lately 
  22. Go out with the Dusty Professor for proper London pie, mash and liquor Still not done this one. Can you believe I have been with this man for over three years and he has never been to a good old East End pie and mash shop? This needs to be rectified in 2012.
  23. Take part in 30 days of yoga Yoga hurts.
  24. Get a dining table and have people over for dinner! Dining table, check. People for dinner, not yet. Only Lisa, and she came for dinner before the table anyway and balanced her plate on her knee. 
  25. Have a picnic at the ruins of Hadleigh Castle Sadly, no. 
  26. Sort out and organise the house made progress
  27. Sort out and organise the loft and shed hah!
  28. Send some parcels of little goodies to certain people some
  29. Try 10 new recipes again I say, hah! I think maybe I tried a couple. I seem to remember some chicken thing with lots of spices that stank the house out for days. Oh, and the one with the lemon wedges in, that I forgot to take out before eating and the Prof ate several wedges, peel and all. He thought they were chewy parsnips. 
  30. Send the Young Philosopher's baby blankets here I have not done this yet, and I should. First thing on the list for January.  
  31. Keep a record of the books I read I started keeping a list on the blog, it got long rather quickly and I got bored and deleted it. Now I wish I hadn't, as I have a poor memory and can't remember what I've read. One to do again next year, I think. 
  32. Keep a record of the meals I make Oh, yes, now I remember I was going to write down what we have for dinner each day in a little diary to look at when I am lacking inspiration. Forgot to keep up with that one.
  33. Take part in Susannah Conway's unravelling course Yes! Done!
  34. Write real letters No...always mean to, rarely do.
  35. Find and buy a pair of shoes (not boots or sandals) that are actually comfortable Forgot I write this and again I can say yes! Just last week I paid £80 (gasp) for a pair of Mary Janes from Hotter which I am hoping will be very comfortable.
  36. Work my way through Part One of my French BBC course, or at least some of it! Without the French honeymoon on the horizon, I didn't bother.
  37. Learn more about how to use the features on my camera Yes. Next step, Stop procrastinating over which model I want and buy that DSLR camera. 
  38. Join a Tai Chi class Yes
  39. Attend a traditional craft workshop Yes. Tablet weaving and drop spinning
  40. Do some Saxon-style embroidery No
  41. Have a boot sale No
  42. Sell some books and DVDs on Amazon/ebay Amazon yes, still shying away from ebay as it looks damn complicated
  43. Have a weekend away with the proceeds Not enough in the coffers, but it went towards a short break
Actually, now I look at that, I think it's not too bad an effort. I am quite impressed, I did better than I thought I had!  Time to start thinking about my 44 things list, it's my birthday soon....


  1. What a brilliant idea - I'll copy this for my next birthday. It's not till July so I have time to come up with 34 things I'd like to do.
    I love the Crypt but my favourite eatery in London Is Gordon's on the Victoria Embankment. Despite name and appearance from outside it's a lovely and pretty cheap French Bistro. Although I haven't been in the UK for years, it was always a good place to try out my French on the patient staff there.

  2. actually you've done Loads!

    other things to do in London Portobello Market, Verde (jeaneatte Wintersons' shop) near Brick Lane, take the boat from Embankment to Greenwich (no walking!) spend time browsing in Foyles or 'eye shopping' in Libertys.

  3. You've done so much in a year, and so much of what is left unchecked can carry into 2012! I'm in awe of all you fit into 2011 and hope 2012 is full of life too.

  4. Such a fun list. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing and congrats on accomplishing so much.


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