Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Parade of Adventures for December

First, the November recap. This was November's POA

  1. Blog every weekday. Almost. I think I missed about three days.
  2. Take at least one photograph every day. Same again.
  3. Make a Treasure Map. I started...bought the board and glue, sorted out all my old mags....not done the treasure map yet.
  4. Knit two dishcloths for my Dad. I am halfway through the second.
  5. Create a budget plan. Done.
  6. Reclaim the bedroom from the boxes and piles of stuff that need decluttering! Work in progress. The Prof and I have done a lot, but it's not finished yet.
  7. Sell some books on ebay/Amazon. Decided I couldn't be bothered. Donated to charity.
  8. Do one writing exercise every weekday. Done.
  9. Post something I have written (other than blog posts) online. Not yet....
  10. Work out how to resize photographs for posting here. Kind of, but still learning.
I'm quite pleased with my achievements, though there is room for improvement in almost all areas. Did I say I was perfect?

Here is December's POA.
  1. Respond every day to the prompts at #reverb10 either here, on flickr, or some other way.
  2. Take lots of photographs.
  3. Write detailed list of wedding preparations, things to do etc.
  4. Get the Christmas decorations up by 12th December.
  5. Get all Christmas cards written and posted before the last posting dates.
  6. Make my Treasure Map.
  7. Try Green and Black's hot chocolate with brandy in it, as recommended by Sara.
  8. Spend less time online.
  9. Get outside every day for some fresh air and exercise.
  10. Make time to read.
I've included some fun things there, and also some items that I hope will me de-stress and get some space. I'll review this list in January and see how I did.

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