Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knitting and Reading

I'm starting slowly with reading this year, it seems. I am only on my second book of the year, and am only reading in bed at the moment, ten minutes or so before I go to sleep most nights. I'm reading While I'm Falling, by Laura Moriarty, and whilst I am quite enjoying it, it isn't gripping me so far.

I am knitting a baby blanket, the same as this one I knitted last year, for a family friend's baby due in March. The main part is white, and I am going to knit the lace edging in mint green this time. I might make a little green cardigan too. The pattern is extremely easy, garter stitch only, knitted diagonally, and is so mindless I can knit in front of the TV and barely have to look at my needles. even the lace border is just a ten row repeat and quite simple, but the finished object looks really pretty. I like things that look good, but are nice and easy! I will post a photo when the border is done.

I started the Battenburg Tea Cosy last May, from this pattern. I knitted the two sides of it and then something else woolly took my eye and I wandered off. It's so easy to do isn't it? This year I am determined to complete my unfinished projects, so yesterday I sewed the cosy up and made this banner to attach to it, my first attempt at knitting from a chart, which I found surprisingly easy. I avoid all sorts of things on knitting patterns that I don't think I can do, I should have more faith in myself! I still need to make two pompoms for the top,  and this afternoon I have enjoyed sorting through my button tin and my dear Auntie's to find little buttons to sew around the bottom.

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  1. As usual I enjoyed reading what you're doing. You always leave me peaceful yet wanting to do something similar. :-)

  2. First time I've visited, your tea cozy is darling. I had to add it to my Ravelry library.

  3. What a cheerful cosy! I think your tea will love it :) I bet the next time you post, all of your unfinished objects will be done!! I like clearing out the lingerers in my basket.


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