Monday, January 21, 2013

That was the weekend: snowy days

After our light dusting of snow a few days ago, we had Proper Snow for a couple of days this weekend. I saw these large bird tracks which I think must be one of the ever present pigeons - all I seem to get on my bird table these days are pigeons. We have a very small garden, and I think since two of my neighbours' shrubs have grown much taller, where they used to be below our dividing fence  the smaller birds are too timid to fly down when they can't see a clear exit. It makes me sad, as I used to love watching the little birds on the bird table, and it's so rare that one ventures on to it these days. I might have to think my way round the problem. Any suggestions? 

It was an uneventful weekend. On Saturday we did the rounds of a few garden centres looking for a birthday present for my Grandad, and finally found one in the last place we went to, of course. We had a very bland, dry and expensive jacket potato in the cafĂ© of one. I think perhaps we should start taking sandwiches when we go out shopping, I am fed up with paying over the odds for mediocre food, when I could make something myself much cheaper and more tasty. I really don't mind spending money on something wonderful; but so often it is mediocre at best. We popped into the supermarket for a few bits before going home, and I bought myself some daffodils and red tulips which are looking wonderfully springlike on the bookcase and the kitchen windowsill. 

On Sunday we stayed home. The Prof restored my laptop, which thankfully worked, and worked on his design for fitted wardrobes in our bedroom. I did a major clean of the bathroom and kitchen - you know when you get halfway through and you're exhausted and it's nearly dinnertime and you have to put everything away before you can do dinner? That. I am very tired because of it today too, and slept much later than I like to. I am really glad I got so much done though. Living room next, just as soon as I get my energy back! The evening was spent watching TV - new series of Call the Midwife and Ripper Street, which seems to be a strange kind of Victorian version of CSI, drinking hot chocolate with vanilla, and of course, knitting. 

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  1. My MIL (who lives in Canada but is originally from England) just told me about Call the Midwife. I need to find out about that one. I wanted to record Ripper Street but I don't think it happened (read my husband did not do it). Take care about how much cleaning your doing, do not over do it!! Glad your laptop has been restored!!! Lovely snow photos :)

  2. ripper street?? I must try to find that one--it sounds good! Don't fresh flowers give you lift?! I tried to find some tulips this morning, but all they had was roses....just looked a bit too fancy for me. I'll try again later in the week! Hope you have a good one!


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