Monday, March 14, 2011

43 things update

In January, I wrote a list of 43 things to do while I am 43. Today I saw that Katrina has written a update of her 40@40 list, which prompted me to take a look at my list as frankly I had forgotten all about it. I am pleased to see that I can cross a few off....and I also notice that in as short a period as three months since I wrote the list, I don't even want to do some of the things on it anymore. Am I really that fickle? Yep.

Here's the update then:

Learn to crochet and make something. Hmm. Well I TRIED to learn, and failed miserably. I was the only person in the class that didn't seem to able to do it. Must do better. Or give up.

Pass ECDL Level Two. Unlikely, as I've just given up going to the classes, for various reasons.

Take part in an online photography course or challenge. Signed up for Picture Inspiration.

Renew my passport. I was planning to do this so we could

Go abroad for a holiday. We had a change of plan and are honeymooning in a beautiful little cottage near Bath instead.

Visit five places in London I have not been to before. A few weeks ago I went to the Womens Library for an exhibition of domestic crafts. One down, four to go!

Take part in 30 days of yoga. More difficult than I anticipated, with my health issues. I took part, though not for 30 days.

Get a dining table, and have people over for dinner. My parents have offered to buy the table for our wedding present :-)

Try 10 new recipes. One so far, North African Lemon chicken. My laptop is in for repair, and the recipe is on it. If my data survives the repair, I'll post it at a later date.

Keep a record of the books I read. I am doing that here on the blog, in the sidebar.

Write real letters. I've written a couple this year, and received some myself, as well as some lovely unexpected parcels from two friends. I love real mail!

Work my way through my French course. This was in preparation for our honeymoon in France, so no urgency now. I would still like to do it someday.

Sell some books on Amazon/ebay and

Have a weekend away with the proceeds. I have been doing this, and so far there is about £100 in the weekend away fund.

Not too bad an effort then, for three months in.


  1. Hi Debbie - well done on your 43 things progress. Mine seems really slow at the moment, so perhaps I'll do a post like this so I can see that I am actually progressing things. Did you enjoy Room? It was my favourite book so far this year - was absolutely riveted by it!

  2. Hi Debbie, congratulations on your progress! A cottage in Bath sounds lovely, and great to be getting the dining table as a gift. Maybe we can find another London location to visit when things have calmed down a little!
    Sara x

  3. What about your visit to the William Morris Musuem and the Thames Foreshore Archaeology Walk? That will make 3 visits in London. :)

  4. ACK! An April wedding? Your kiddo off to university and...TWENTY??? (which I should have realized since mine are 16 and 20.5) I've almost missed all the excitement and I've certainly missed you! Many blessings on all the wonderful adventures ahead!


  5. Caroline - I love your 43 things - I might steal some of those to replace those of mine that I don't want to do anymore. Yes, I did enjoy 'Room', it was very different.

    Sara - Another day in London would be lovely, not sure I am going to be be able to make it before the wedding! So much to do......

    DP - Okay, you have a better memory than me. That's three trips to new places in London so far this year then. Not bad going!

    Lenora - hello stranger! Thanks for the good wishes! Can't believe how long it is since those good old New Homemaker days!

  6. You're doing well there!

    I found it interesting that some things on your list no longer appeal to you. Not fickle: human :)

    I'll be doing a similar thing with Sarsm from next week. It's fun, isn't it?


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